9 Stylish Room Dividers for Your Home

Discover the best ideas to separate your rooms and take advantage of the space in your home with these dividers
9 Stylish Room Dividers for Your Home

Written by Editorial Team

Last update: 03 January, 2023

When you are going to use dividers in your decoration, it is important to exploit your creativity and good taste if you want a great result. In other words, you are working to create a division that helps you to create more pleasant spaces that have other functions.

For example, if you know how to take advantage of every corner, as well as how the light enters the room, smaller spaces can appear to be larger. 

Everyone has experienced a time when we have visited someone else’s home, or even in our own, that we have been walking through it and suddenly you go from the kitchen, to the living room and even to the bedrooms because there is nothing dividing these spaces. 
The dimensions don’t matter. It can be a small space or enormous, but if there is nothing that marks the different rooms, it can feel uncomfortable and a bit asphyxiant. Dividers are very useful aids when it comes to decorating.

Don’t worry, the dividers don’t always have to be a boring wall between each room. There are no limits here. You can find already made ones, or you can even make them yourself with items you have in storage.

The goal is that you exploit your designing abilities and make something that best goes with your style and personality. Remember that you can’t forget that it has to be functional since it is not only a decoration, but can also help to satisfy other needs.

Divider ideas

1. Basic and functional

Among room dividers you can go for those that have a minimalist touch- simple and functional. In reality, you don’t need so much decoration and detail. If you are looking for something to separate the kitchen from the living room, this is the perfect idea. It doesn’t take up much space and you can also use it for your plants or kitchen utensils.

2. Recycled

Something as simple as combining a few pieces of wooden pallets with some hinges. You can choose the color that best goes with your home and add some details inspired by the recycling concept.

It will give a space with light and pastel colors a romantic touch. Also, it is one of the easiest dividers to remove. 

3. All natural

You have the possibility of having a garden inside your home that can also separate some rooms. It is a natural inspiration but it doesn’t lose the modern feel. This is because there are contrasts that make the space more harmonious. 

4. Vintage

Are you really thinking about throwing that door away? When we talk about vintage design, we don’t necessarily have to include materials from the last century. Simply give new life to the old things you have in your home. 

There’s nothing that a good coat of paint can’t fix. In this example, you can appreciate what that old, dusty door in your backyard can do for you.

5. Artistic

It is time that you take out all of those family pictures and use them as an artistic room divider. A wall of photos in the home always draws attention and is a great way to decorate the space. 

An example of a photo room divider that has a very classic result: photographs in black and white, combined with the same colors in the background. This is one of the best room divider ideas that you can use if you are dealing with a small space.

If you have a happier decorative style, try it with other colors and you can even add designs and textures to the background of your dividers.

6. Rustic oriental

The characteristic that makes this style stand out is nature. The dividers have to be made from ecologic materials that have not gone through any industrialization process.

Trees, branches and rocks are the basic materials for its construction. Also, be sure that it is a clean space, that everything is neat and allow the light to enter in order to give it a larger appearance.

7. Made of strings

Do you want an economic and easy-to-make room divider? This is the solution. The only thing that you need is different colored strings and some time to weave them onto a stick. This is a style for those who are more daring and who are not afraid of lively colors and prints. The key is to give your home life.

8. Glass

This is one of the dividers that never goes out of style. Sliding glass doors are of good taste, move easily and give us the ability to stay connected with other areas of the house.

It lets the light in which gives you the feeling that the space is larger because of the optical illusion that the glass causes. If you want to give your home a contemporary style, you have to have it.

9. Asiatic style

This style is simple just like the basics of the oriental culture. It uses black and white with a touch of red for vibrance. And, the room won’t lose details like the light entering and the contrast with the neutral colors in the background.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.