How To Prevent Toenail Fungus

· January 11, 2017
Good hygiene and adequate shoes are fundamental in preventing the proliferation of toenail fungus

It may seem obvious, but good hygiene and adequate shoes are fundamental in preventing the proliferation of toenail fungus. Also, the feet should be kept dry most of the time.

Also known as onychomicosis, it is a very common condition that affects the toenails.  Toenail fungus is caused by microscopic parasites that tend to proliferate in hot and humid areas.

Toenail fungus causes the nails to change in color, shape and texture.  In the most severe cases it can completely destroy the entire toenail.  That is why it is so important to try to prevent this from happening.

Keep the feet clean and dry

Keeping the hands and feet clean and dry is necessary to prevent the occurrence of fungus, which thrives in dark and humid places.


It is essential to practice good hygiene, preferable washing with a gel or soap with a neutral pH that avoids irritating the feet and lowering the defenses.

You should use antibacterial talcum powder and always change socks or stockings after doing physical exercise.

This will also help to avoid fungus that grows between the toes.  This type of fungus is also as bothersome as the toenail fungus and can cause a bad odor and irritation.

It is very important to remember to thoroughly dry the hands and feet after washing them or after doing any physical activity.

It’s normal after exercise to have sweaty hands and feet. Be sure that you don’t forget to wash between the toes. This is an area that we don’t always dry well and fungus can spread from that area to other areas.

Keep nails short

An excellent way to prevent the appearance of toenail fungus and other types of fungus is to keep the nails cut short.  They should always be cut straight and clean with no jagged edges.

Avoid leaving irregular borders and try to cut the corners of the nails.  This will impede growth inside the skin and what we know as ingrown toenails, which are annoying and painful.

Also, it’s good to clean and disinfect items that you will use for a pedicure or manicure. Do this ahead of time.  You should not share these items with others for any reason.

Toenail fungus is very contagious and if you use instruments that are infected, you can easily develop the problem.  If there is no other option, you should clean the area of the foot with alcohol.


Wear shoes in public places

Don’t forget to use shoes in places such as the gym, the beach, the pool, and in public showers and saunas. Walking around barefoot is one of the easiest way to contract a toenail infection.

Public places may not be as clean as you think. That’s why wearing open shoes is preferable to walking barefoot, not only for sanitary reasons, but also to avoid being cut by sharp articles on the ground.

A good idea is to have a pair of shoes for each individual place. For example, you can have shoes for the beach and a different pair for the gym.


Wear comfortable shoes

Fungus tends to grow in areas where pressure is exerted on them.

To prevent toenail fungus, it is essential to wear a pair of comfortable shoes that allow the feet sufficient space to breathe. 

At the same time we should wear socks or panty hose.  At night time allow shoes that you have worn all day to air out and avoid sharing shoes or socks so that you avoid contracting fungus.

If shoes get wet, dry them out before wearing them again to avoid infection.

Use talcum powder

Use products like talcum powder, to aid in keeping feet dry.

This should be used in conjunction with moisturizing lotion to prevent chafing or blisters.

Doing this prevents getting fungus and developing offensive odors.

It’s good to use talcum powder every day if you wear closed shoes and it’s also indispensable to use just for hygiene when wearing open shoes.


Antifungal cremes

Using antifungal cremes or lotions in topical form is an excellent way to prevent the appearance of fungus in the feet.  It also allows you to treat any type of infection that has started to form.  

Be aware that you should consult with your doctor for a recommendation. This is best so that you will know which creme is appropriate for your type of problem.

The appearance of toenail fungus tends to be a nightmare for both men and women.  This is not just an aesthetic problem, but also a condition that can develop into more serious problems.

An infection caused by this fungus can possibly provoke serious harm in people with diabetes or other similar illnesses.