How to Prevent Herpes Labialis

· October 3, 2014

Herpes labialis, also known as cold sores, is a fairly common illness that develops from the type 1 Herpes simplex virus.  It can spread from one person who has the disease to another, but there are also herpes labialis cases that spread by oral sex, caused by the type 2 Herpes simplex virus.

Symptoms of the disease

When the symptoms begin, the virus causes the skin to look red and tingle.  Lastly, it produces small ulcers, and in some cases they itch or cause other discomforts in the affected area, or pain.  A lot of people suffer from frequent outbreaks from this disease, although sometimes the disease can be latent and appear once again after several years.

What does it feel like to have oral herpes?

The first thing felt with oral herpes is a strong pain in the mouth and also in the lips.  This could also cause fever and throat pain accompanied by inflammation in the ganglion around the neck.  Once the blisters have already appeared at some area of the mouth, the ulcers generally open and release a transparent liquid that forms a scab and then disappears after a few weeks.

Herpes labialis could be provoked by the flu, fevers, menstrual periods, emotional discomforts, sun rays, strong cold, fatigue, and stress.

Safety measures and necessary recommendations


  • It’s best to avoid touching any bodily fluids that could be highly contagious, like kissing someone who is infected or using someone else’s eating utensils.  Also avoid drinking from the same cup or eating from the same plate.
  • Using a good lip protector is a good option to avoid sun exposure that produces outbreaks.
  • Iron and zinc are two very important vitamins for skincare, which is why you should nourish yourself with a balanced diet based on these components.  Other vitamins like A, B, C, and E are good as well.
  • Garlic is a fairly antiseptic food, so eat it in the morning before breakfast.  Make sure it is fresh, which will strengthen the immune system and is also a good oral germicide.  If you can’t eat garlic before breakfast, take garlic capsules.  This is a good natural supplement.

These are a few of the principal care tips to avoid causing this disease’s outbreak.  Always remember to use some sort of lip moisturizer, and also use condoms when you are going to have sex with your partner.