Others Are Your Mirror. What Do You Want to Show Them?

· September 7, 2017
Have you thought about the possibility that the behavior of others around you that annoys you so much is something that is one of your weak points?

Did you know that others are your mirror? What you see is a reflection of yourself. Maybe you haven’t realized it, but you’re always relating to yourself through others.

We’ll give you an example. Are there really things about other people that bother your friends that don’t bother you? This happens because they see something in others that is a part of them. Because of this, they react.

The problem is we think that what makes you react isn’t our fault. We say it’s because of the other person. This is our first mistake.

If it wasn’t a problem you had, you’d completely overlook their behaviors. This includes behaviors like lying, infidelity, or some other characteristic we consider to be despicable.

If others are your mirror, take advantage of it

You might think that it’s terrible that other people are your mirror. However, it’s an excellent opportunity to see what you need to heal in yourself.

For instance, if it bothers you that someone critiques others, if you can’t stand it, pay attention! It’s possible that you’re being too hard on yourself. Also, it’s possible that you demand too much. This could be an indication that you need to change.

In another case, if you’re suffering from infidelity or have cheated on someone several times pay attention. See if you’re feeling unfaithful to yourself in some aspect.

Where are you not respecting your values?

As you can see, the mirror doesn’t tell you that you’re a critic of others. It also doesn’t tell you if you’re being unfaithful to your partner. Instead, it tells you your relationship with yourself.

As a result, you need to interpret the situation based on the help of your experience.

Thanks to others, you see the things in yourself that you need to improve.

If your partner is very attached to their mother, and this bothers you, ask yourself something. What’s happening with your relationship with you mother? Do you wish in your heart for a closer relationship?

Don’t make others responsible for what you feel

People usually leave their happiness in other people’s hands. And, they do this with other kinds of things. For instance, we blame others for making us angry.

However, no one can provoke a different reaction from you other than the one that you want to feel. This happens unless they are opening an already existing wound.

For instance, if your boss might tell you a way to do your work better. If you feel very rejected by this, it could be because you have a large amount of insecurity.

What each mirror says is what starts to put the focus on yourself.  They focus on you and start to make you responsible for yourself.

It’s more comfortable for you to blame others for what happens to you. However, this unfaithful person that bothers you is telling you something. It could also be directly affecting you.

Because of this, one way or another, people always relate themselves with themselves; all of the good or bad you see in the other person you have in yourself. If this wasn’t the case, you wouldn’t see it.

Your relationships tell you to change

Sometimes people suffer because their friends never call them and they’re always the ones that have to be there. Other times, people complain because they always keep tripping over the same kind of partner that ends up making them suffer.

If you feel pain, if something isn’t going well in your relationships, make the most of it. Use this experience to be able to see the things inside of you that are hurting you.

Because you always focus on others, you know how to read them. We don’t believe that hat happens to us has nothing to do with us. Also, we don’t believe that these people are narcissistic or bad people.

You should focus on the things that the way you relate to others is trying to tell you. Maybe you give too much and you don’t give others space to do anything. Also, they can do things for your relationship.

If you always end up going out with the same kind of person, maybe you don’t respect or love yourself. Maybe you’re suffering from some kind of dependency.

This is when you need to take off the blindfold.