Natural Remedies for Sagging Eyelids

Having sagging or drooping eyelids not only makes people look older than they actually are, but it can also obstruct their vision. Some statistics suggest that, every year, more than one hundred thousand men and women seek surgical solutions for this problem. But if you take a moment to look for other information, you’ll find some tips that can help you avoid such procedures, especially for people who don’t respond well to anesthesia or are unwilling to undergo surgery because of health reasons. Because of this, we’ll tell you how to naturally improve the appearance of sagging eyelids in the following article.

Sagging eyelids may be constant, worsen throughout time, or simply come and go. They can also occur on both eyes, or only one. It’s easy to detect this problem if it only affects one side of the face; it is much harder if it affects both eyes.

If someone needs to furrow their brow or tilt their head back in order to see from beneath sagging eyelids, it can make them look especially sleepy or tired. This condition can be congenital, or it may develop later in life.

Although it’s generally not a serious problem, it’s best to have a doctor examine the eyes and eyelids to rule out any potential outside factors or problems related to it.

What are the causes of sagging eyelids?

Sagging eyelids may be triggered by a variety of situations or conditions: normal cellular aging, diabetes, a stroke, Horner’s syndrome (a disorder that affects the nerves of the eyes and face), a brain tumor, or any other disorder that affects nerve or muscle function.

Present in both eyelids

  • Medical complications. One example is myasthenia gravis, a neuromuscular disorder that affects the muscles around the eye and the nerves that control them.
  • The natural aging process.
  • Normal variation in the eyelids.

Present only in one eyelid

  • An eyelid neoplasm – this closely resembles a sty.
  • Health complications.
  • Injury to a nerve.
  • The natural aging process.
  • Normal variation in the eyelid.

Home remedies for droopy eyelids

2 cucumber

  • Remedy #1 – Use chamomile tea bags because chamomile contains anti-inflammatory agents that can help treat this condition. Store the bags in the fridge before placing them over the eyes. Relax and keep them on for 20 minutes – by making this part of your regular routine you’ll start to see the benefits in no time.
  • Remedy #2 – Make a homemade lotion to revitalize your eyes using natural ingredients. The preparation is very easy. Blend four tablespoons of plain yogurt, four table spoons of aloe vera gel, two tablespoons of oatmeal, and five slices of peeled cucumber until it forms a paste. Apply the paste to the eyelids, leave on for 20 minutes, and rinse with cool water.
  • Remedy #3Cucumbers are an excellent remedy for drooping eyelids. Just place chilled cucumber slices over your eyes and leave them on for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Remedy #4 – Ice water is highly effective. Wash the face with very cold water to tighten the skin and alleviate sagging eyelid skin.
  • Remedy #5 – Eating more grapes is an excellent option because their high content of resveratrol helps prevent or slow the cellular aging process. Add more grapes to your daily diet to enjoy their unique benefits!
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