Linseed for Constipation

· March 31, 2015

Despite the fact that most episodes of constipation is caused by lack of fiber in one’s diet, it is important to know about the different factors that can also have an affect on your bowel movements. Some of these factors can be trips, schedule changes, stress, changes in routine, etc. But, we want you to know that you can improve intestinal movement easily and naturally, which will make your body not affected by eating possible artificial laxatives.

The secret to why linseed is so highly recommended for fighting constipation is because of the high amount of mucilage in it, which comes from its soluble fiber. When linseed comes in contact with water, this mucilage is freed, which makes the surrounding liquid take on a thicker quality.



Using it for Constipation Treatment

It is for this reason that one of the most recommended ways to eat linseed for the purpose of relieving constipation is to put a good amount of seeds in a glass of water all night. The next day, drink the water and seeds on an empty stomach.

If you are going to do this procedure and the texture that the water gets is unpleasant to you (it becomes dense), we recommend that you take the seeds and mix them with: milk, juices from different fruits, yogurts, and even salads. This will make eating them easier because of the rich flavor of the food that you want to mix it with. This will do wonders for you since it is during this process that the mucilage is released in the watery area of the intestines.

How Does Mucilage Work?

Mucilage forms a type of paste that has an defecating effect, which makes it move faster through your intestines. This defecation process is what makes eating linseed so different from eating any other kind of laxative, because laxatives make your body get accustomed to them and in a certain way causes an addiction towards laxatives in order to be able to have natural bowel movements.


As if that weren’t enough, the soluble fiber in linseed are able to retain toxins in the body and get rid of them in feces much sooner than them being absorbed in the intestines.

These seeds also contain different beneficial components for the top functioning of your health. Some of these are alpha-linolenic acid, that is an fatty acid that belongs to the omega-3 acids group, which means a reduction in bad cholesterol in your body. As if that weren’t enough, these seeds also contain anti-inflammatory properties like luteolin or oleic acid.

Linseed Against Cancer


Linseed and its infinite properties can also contribute to you have less possibilities of having any kind of cancer, especially colon and breast cancer. Also, if you eat them regularly, they will help cure any kind of inflammatory disease, thanks to their high level of fatty and omega 3 acids. They will also help you have better functioning in your digestive system and even your urinary and respiratory system.


To conclude, we can say that linseed is one of the products with the most curative and preventative properties for different types of diseases. It is important that you eat it regularly, not just in times of emergency. Remember that your body works as a machine and each part should be in the best shape so that they are not seriously compromised by any of your body’s functions.