Injuries in the Qatar 2022 World Cup Group Stage

The group stage of Qatar 2022 ended with a few major injuries. We'll take a look at what happened and how the players are faring here.
Injuries in the Qatar 2022 World Cup Group Stage
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Last update: 15 November, 2023

With the group stage of the Qatar 2022 World Cup over, there are injured players who have already missed matches and others who will not be able to play in the round of 16. The evolution of the players’ health is constant and the medical staffs of the national teams are working against the clock to rehabilitate them. In this article, we’re going to tell you about the most notorious Injuries in the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

1. Injuries in the Qatar 2022 World Cup: Al-Shahrani’s face fracture

Yasir Al-Shahrani collided with his team’s goalkeeper in the match against Argentina on the first day of Qatar 2022. After the injury, we learned that the player had a fractured jaw and an indentation in his facial bones.

When he fell to the ground, the shocking image was the unconscious state of the athlete lying on the field. The seriousness of the situation when the jaw fracture was confirmed forced his emergency transfer to Germany for surgery.

In his social networks, Al-Shahrani reported his calmness at the clinic:

I assure you that I am well, pray for me and congratulations for the victory. -The words of Al-Shahrani in a video

It should be noted that jaw fractures are severe injuries. In general, the LeFort classification is used to divide them and analyze them clinically:

  • Type I: This is a fracture above the upper jaw.
  • Type II: The fracture goes from the lower part of the cheek to the bridge of the nose, crosses it, and goes down to the other cheek.
  • Type III: The fracture line crosses the bridge of the nose and the bones forming the orbit.

Immediate attention is key to repairing the damage.

2. Nuno Mendes’ muscle injury

Portugal could only have Nuno Mendes as a starter in one match. Having missed the opening match against Ghana, he then made his debut against Uruguay. But before the end of the first half, he had to leave the field with a problem in his left thigh.

Apparently, he was carrying an injury that became evident with the efforts of the match. Official statements confirmed that the full-back will not play the rest of the World Cup, although he will remain in the team’s training camp.

The international player Nuno Mendes, after undergoing tests, was considered unavailable for the national team’s work by the Health and Performance Unit of the FPF. The player suffered a muscle injury in his left thigh during the match against Uruguay and will continue to be part of the group in Qatar, where he will begin recovery work. -The Portuguese Football Federation

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3. Injuries in the Qatar 2022 World Cup: Brazil’s absentees

Among the injuries that the Qatar 2022 group stage has left us with, a special mention goes to Brazil. So far, there are three big-name casualties in coach Tite’s paralyzed squad.

Neymar and his ankle injury are undoubtedly the focus of attention. The Brazilian left the debut match against Serbia with a clear inflammation of the right ankle. Subsequent tests confirmed a first-degree sprain and a ligament injury that implied two games out.

The national team expects the striker to return for the round of 16, but it was reported that he would not be fit. The priority would be to preserve him so that he was in good condition for the quarterfinals.

Already in the previous World Cup, in Russia 2018, he played in poor physical condition. Then, for the Copa America 2019, he was not available, as he carried a metatarsal fracture and ankle sprain.

In the same match against Serbia, although he went more unnoticed, Danilo was also injured. The full-back withdrew with pain in his right ankle and medical examinations indicated an injury to the medial ligament of the joint. Therefore, it was decided to have him sit out for two matches in order to have him in the round of 16.

And finally, in the match against Switzerland, Alex Sandro was injured. The player had to retire just at the end, almost after 90 minutes, due to a hip problem. The national team’s medical staff confirmed a muscle injury that requires rest.

Alex Sandro was replaced in the 86th minute with discomfort and medical tests on Tuesday identified a muscle injury in the left hip, which rules him out of Brazil’s next match against Cameroon. -Rodrigo Lasmar, chief medical officer of the Brazil national team

Also a fever?

Neymar also had a fever in recent days and missed the rehabilitation work he had been doing. But he was not the only one. Several teammates would have been in the same situation.

The doctors of the Brazilian national team affirm that there is no major problem and that the situation is under control. They also clarified that there would not be a complication in the injury recovery process because of this unforeseen event.

Lucas Paquetá, a midfielder, could not train over the weekend because of this fever.

Injuries in the Qatar 2022 World Cup
Ankles and knees always appear as frequent injury sites in the world of soccer.

4. Ruptured cruciate ligaments for Lucas Hernandez

The right knee of Lucas Hernandez, a French player, will not let him complete the World Cup in Qatar 2022. A rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament was confirmed, which took place in the match against Australia.

The MRI was conclusive and left no room for doubt. Therefore, the athlete will have to be evaluated in greater depth to define the best treatment to follow, which will involve surgery, but clarity on the rehabilitation method and the months of sick leave that await him is still necessary.

This injury is very common in soccer and is feared by players. It requires a long time without activity and there is a risk of being left with some sequelae that affect performance.

Injured players in the group stage of Qatar 2022 complicate things for their national teams

The loss of important players in a World Cup is experienced with anxiety by coaches. Not having stars or key players to play with is an obstacle that puts continuity toward the final on hold.

For the time being, the world’s attention is focused on the possibility of Neymar’s return to the field. Will the star be able to play a leading role in the final phase of the competition?

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