Improve Your Thyroid by Caring for Your Intestines

· July 22, 2017
Since your intestinal flora is a barrier against pathogens, it’s essential that you keep it healthy to avoid infections. In addition to that, it will also improve the enzyme processes of your thyroid hormones.

Did you know that you can improve thyroid problems by taking care of your bowel functions?

In this article, discover which factors can directly harm your intestines and indirectly harm your thyroid. We’ll also share some tips and natural remedies that will be very beneficial for you.

Thyroid-intestine relationship

Many people are surprised to learn that three quarters of the body’s immune tissue is found in the intestines.

If your intestinal bacteria is healthy, it acts as an excellent barrier against all kinds of pathogens. These include viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites.

If it changes, however, your intestines become an open door for these pathogens to pass into the bloodstream. IN addition, it also interferes with some enzyme processes related to your thyroid hormones.

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What can damage your intestines?

There are many factors that can negatively influence the delicate balance in your intestines. These include:

  • Having a poor diet by eating foods that are rich in sugar, dairy products, and refined foods,
  • Constipation,
  • Antibiotics,
  • Intolerance to certain foods, like glucose or lactose,
  • Heavy metal poisoning (for example, the use of dental fillings that contain mercury),
  • Intestinal parasites,
  • Nervousness, anxiety, and stress,
  • Negative emotions like anger and fear.

Balancing your intestinal functions

If you’re aware you’re suffering from some kind of intestinal distress, you should start taking some natural treatments to balance it out.

In the case of constipation, focus on increasing your consumption of foods that are rich in fiber. In addition, you should drink at least a liter and a half of water during the day outside of your meals.

If you suffer from diarrhea on a regular basis, you can drink green tea and take a charcoal-based supplement.

Here are three tips that anyone can follow to improve their bowel function:

An integrated diet

Whether you suffer from intestinal issues or have a healthy bowel, your diet must include high-fiber foods. These includes fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and whole grains.

Today, the majority of commercial products that are made with flour don’t contain any fiber. Instead, they are refined, like breads, pastries, cookies, pasta, pizza, etc.

If you look hard, however, you can find many delicious and nutritious options with wholemeal flours like rye, spelt, and more.

You can also try cereals like oats, millet, or quinoa.

Beware of gluten

Many people with thyroid disorders might suffer from gluten intolerance. Gluten is the protein in wheat, barley, and rye. It’s also sometimes in oats, but this is due to processing that takes place in the same facility as wheat.

We recommend removing gluten from your diet, which will bring great improvements in just a few weeks.

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Finally, probiotic-based supplements are one of your best options for maintaining healthy intestinal flora.

You’ll notice the benefits to your health even from the first day. After all, the health of your intestines is a determining factor in your quality of life.

We suggest choosing top-quality probiotics that include large amounts of bacterial strains. The label should specify the quantity, which ideally will be between 30 and 50 million CPUs (the living organisms that are able to form colonies).

You should always take intestinal supplements on an empty stomach, especially in the morning. The best time is between 5 and 7 in the morning.


Finally, a great way to cleanse your intestines in a timely manner is an enema. This is especially true if you’re suffering from constipation. Basically, an enema is a rectal cleansing using water or a medicinal preparation.

You can make them with teas like chamomile or thyme, or even use coffee to improve your liver function. In this case, you should always choose non-roasted organic coffee.

However, you should be very careful with this technique so as not to alter your bacterial flora.

Ideally, you should apply an enema at a time when you’re not in a rush like before bed. This is because it can sometimes cause fatigue.

Hold the liquid inside as long as you can and release when you need to.