If You're an Ectomorph, Don't Miss This!

Ectomorph one of the body types according to the classification by shape. We'll tell you everything you need to know if your physique is ectomorph.
If You're an Ectomorph, Don't Miss This!
Elisa Martin Cano

Written and verified by the doctor Elisa Martin Cano.

Last update: 15 October, 2022

The ectomorph body shape is one of the three types of physiques that exist. Not all of us have the same body shape, nor are we defined only in one of these three groups. Even so, depending on the type of body you have, certain diets and types of training will help you to keep it in shape.

Here are some interesting facts you need to know if you’re an ectomorph.

What does an ectomorph body look like?

Even though, as we’ve said, not all physiques are the same, there are certain similar characteristics that people with the same body type share. The main aspects that differentiate people of the ectomorph type are as follows:

  • They have slim bodies: People with this body type find it difficult to gain both fat and muscle mass.
  • They have long narrow bones: They’re usually people with narrow hips and shoulders, and not very tall.
  • They’re people with a very fast metabolism: In everyday life we identify this because they’re the typical people who can eat a lot of food or unhealthy products and still don’t put on weight.

Which diet is the right one?

Food for an ectomorph.

Although these people find it hard to put on weight, despite eating large amounts of food or junk food, it’s important not to give up on healthy living. A certain type of diet, in addition to keeping the body healthy, can help these body types gain muscle mass and fitness.

In the case of ectomorph bodies, their diet may be somewhat more relaxed. This is because their metabolism is very fast and they will burn most of the calories they take in. However, it’s important for their diet to be complete, and based on products rich in nutrients and not only in unhealthy fats.

If you want to gain body weight, the diet should contain a high percentage of protein. Approximately, an adequate protein intake for this type of body would be about 2 grams of protein per kilogram of weight.

We must take into account that these proteins have to be both animal and vegetable. In addition, it’s advisable to distribute them throughout the day in several meals instead of ingesting them all at once, as their digestion can be heavy.

Of course, a complete diet must also contain carbohydrates and fats. We should try to obtain these components from healthy foods and not from processed products. For example, carbohydrates can come from rice or potatoes and fats from vegetables such as avocado.

This body type will also benefit from eating several meals throughout the day so that the body, with its accelerated metabolism, doesn’t need to resort to muscle reserves.

Training an ectomorph body

A man exercising.

Rather than training to lose weight or burn calories, this body type requires workouts that help gain muscle mass. These can be made up of compound exercises, which are those that work several muscle groups at the same time and are the most effective for building muscle.

In addition, it’s a good idea to work, as far as possible, with weights. This will be increased as the workouts progress and strength is generated.

It’s important not to overdo cardio exercises. This type of exercise burns a lot of calories and, if it’s a long workout, it will end up consuming muscle energy reserves and, therefore, muscle mass.

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The ectomorph body also needs to take care of itself

Although these people have slim bodies that find it difficult to put on weight, we shouldn’t stop worrying about leading a healthy lifestyle. The diet of an ectomorph should be healthy and complete. It should also contain more protein if you want to increase muscle mass.

In addition, with the right diet and training, it’s possible to build muscle, even if it’s more difficult than with other body types. As always, the important thing is to lead a healthy life with proper exercise and nutrition and avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Your body will thank you for it!

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