I Want to Be Happy Again

· August 3, 2017
In order to be happy again, you have to learn to savor every moment of your life. Forget about the past and the future, and enjoy the present.

Being truly happy can be quite a challenge when everyday problems, responsibilities, and living on “autopilot” sometimes start to rule your life.

Suddenly, you forget how to enjoy things, you postpone what you want to do, and you only move forward through inertia.

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It’s easy to get carried away by a life where every day is the same and where the very idea of leaving your comfort zone terrifies you.

Being happy again starts with the present

Do you realize how much you ignore the present? You mind may wander ceaselessly through the past or toward the future, generating feelings of anxiety or worry that get you nowhere.

You may get so used to this inertia for so long that it’s hard for you to be in the here and how.

In fact, if you’ve ever tried to practice mindfulness, yoga, or meditation, you’ll probably encountered an uncontrollable nervousness of a person who can’t stop thinking, can’t start to feel, can’t focus on the present moment.

Oftentimes, focusing on the now feels like a waste of time. Keeping your mind occupied by fruitless thoughts, however, is useless.

That excess of worrisome ideas, responsibilities, guilt, and remorse cause you to exhaust yourself and waste your energy.

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Being happy again isn’t complicated, as long as you take this as the first step. It’s the most important one that will free up the most time.

The present is a principle of balance and happiness.

Today is an important day

Today is an important day to be happy again, so don’t waste it on whatever makes your life more complicated.

Why do you keep making excuses to avoid doing what you want today? What if tomorrow everything were to disappear?

People think they have a long life, but it might not be the case. At the moment you least expect it, it could be the opposite.

Sometimes, people postpone things they want to do while prioritizing others. It’s true that we have responsibilities, but we also have the right to enjoy life.

Balance is important if you want to live fully. That’s why you need to touch on all areas of life to help keep yourself feeling full.

Leave time for yourself, your leisure, and your pleasure.

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Yes, you may make excuses because “it’s not the right time” or “I can’t afford it.” Perhaps this is true, but are these excuses really worth sacrificing your own happiness?

This isn’t wasting time, it’s using a small part of it for yourself? You deserve that!

How to recover your smile

Sometimes in our modern society, it starts to feel like pleasure is penalized and anguish is rewarded along with adherence to duty and convention.

It might not surprise you that a large part of the population has depression. However, you may also wonder how some people manage to enjoy life so much – don’t they have jobs?

These kinds of thoughts limit your way of life and make being happy again almost a mystery. Try to regain your smile. If you want to go to the movies, make some time to go today! It’s not frivolous; it’s what you want. Why not make yourself happy?

Let go of all the ideas that rattle around in your head and make you anxious for days about something you’ve said and done that has no solution and you can’t change it. Learn to let go, not hold on.

Stop living on “autopilot” and savor every little moment of your day to day life.

Delight yourself with the taste of food. So many people have forgotten to focus on this! Look at the things around you, lift your head, and stop looking only at what’s ahead of you or down at your phone.

You’ll realize how blind you are and how you’ve let life pass before your eyes as if it were worthless.

Will you start giving your happiness the value it deserves? Is today your day to be happy again, or will you leave it for tomorrow?