How to Pick your Honeymoon Destination

June 18, 2019
Nowadays, since traveling is much more affordable and accessible, the honeymoon isn't often a couple’s only trip together. Therefore, it is important to make the honeymoon special and pick the perfect place.

The bride and groom don’t just expectantly await their wedding day, but also to start their lives together. In many ways, a honeymoon is the first big moment of the newlywed’s life together. Therefore, it’s important to pick the perfect place for the honeymoon.

The marriage and the official beginning of their married life begins during this trip. That may be why it can seem daunting to plan.

Where should we go? What activities should we do? 

Don’t worry. This article will help you make some honeymoon decisions.

How to Choose a Honeymoon Destination

how to choose a honeymoon destination
There are so many places to choose for a honeymoon.

In our globalized world, traveling is very accessible; therefore, there are so many possibilities. Honeymoons used to be a trip that many newlyweds could barely afford and might be the couple’s only big trip during their lives.

However, nowadays, traveling is much more accessible and the couple is sure to go on other big trips during their lives. That is why there’s even more pressure to make the honeymoon special and to make the honeymoon stand out among other trips that the couple will take together in the future.

With that in mind, not everyone has the same preferences, circumstances, or budget.

We’ll share a few tips to help.

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1. Make a list of the places that you both would like to go.

world map
The couple should take some time to investigate the various options available.

Deciding on a honeymoon destination is something that both people should discuss and decide. The opinions of both people are equally important. That’s why the couple should sit down together and imagine where they see themselves going and what they would like to do.

There are many different types of trips: going to the beach, touring a big city, going to exotic and faraway countries, adventure sports, rural tourism, gastronomic tourism, going somewhere romantic, etc. There are many possibilities and options for everyone’s preferences.

Therefore, the most important part of choosing a destination is sitting together as a couple and imagining what type of trip would be perfect for the two of you. Afterwards, make a list of all the possible honeymoon destinations that you both would like to visit and don’t worry about any other places.

At this point in the planning, too much information will not be helpful. It can be exhausting and stressful to gather information and opinions about each of the destinations on your list. For that reason, it’s important to do research within your limits to be able to process all of the information.

At this point, it would be helpful to limit the list based on other fundamental aspects that you should take into account:

  • The length of the honeymoon. For work or personal reasons, the honeymoon may only be a few days. If this is the case, you can eliminate any of the destinations that are very faraway and the options that have too many things to see.
  • When the trip will happen. Simply put, some places are not ideal to visit in the winter or in the summer. Therefore, when the honeymoon will happen may limit the places you are able to go.

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2. Stick to your budget.

Making a list of all of the expenses for the trip is very important for picking a destination.

It’s very important to make an expense list before the trip. Sticking to the budget may be the most important reason for picking which honeymoon destination is best.

To do this, imagine which activities you both would like to do in each place on the list. It would be a shame to not do something you both had wanted to do because there was not enough money.

Would it not be better to choose a less expensive destination where you both could enjoy everything you wanted to do?

The budget should not be limited to only the price of the hotel and transportation. All expenses should be included in the budget. This includes taxi fares, eating out, souvenir purchases, etc.

3. Research the destination.

There are millions of unique and interesting places to visit in the world.

With that said, the world is constantly changing and it’s important to be informed on the current situation of a country before visiting it. Therefore, it is important to first check the travel recommendations of your country’s embassy to make sure that the country is safe and you can enjoy your honeymoon to the fullest.

Another reason is to see if you need any vaccines to visit that country. This may help you decide if you want to go there or not as well. If you don’t have enough time to complete the vaccines or don’t want to get them, you will be unable to visit that country.

4. Decide whether you’ll be visiting one or many places.

Another honeymoon decision is if you want to visit one place or multiple places.

If the budget and time permit it, you may want to visit more than one place during the honeymoon. For example, this may involve visiting two big cities or two places that are close to each other.

If this is the case, it may be better to choose countries or regions with good transportation that will allow you to easily travel between towns and cities.

5. Search for hidden gems.

You may be stuck between two destinations and cannot decide on which one is best.

In this case, research each destination and find out each place’s unknown or lesser known charms. This may help you decide between the two.

Wherever you choose to go, it will be a unique and romantic trip that you both will never forget.