How to Naturally Fight Cellulite in Your Thighs

December 6, 2016
To better the way our thighs look and minimize cellulite we need to take care of ourselves as much inside as out side. This includes taking care of our diet and staying properly hydrated to eliminate toxins.

Cellulite is a common esthetic problem that affects more than 90% of women all over the world. Sometimes if forms in the thighs. But it can also appear in the gluteus area, abdomen, and arms.

Cellulite is composed of fat cells that get deposited below the skin, forming little dimples, like those on orange rinds.

Usually, it appears more easily in overweight and obese people. Though it also appears in a smaller number of thin people.

Its main causes include hormonal changes, genetics, and an unhealthy life style.

Fortunately, right now there are many methods and lots of advice that can be used to minimize their appearance. This allows your thighs to appear smooth and toned.

Right now, we want to share some keys to diminishing the appearance of cellulite through natural remedies. These are some habits that you can practice at home every day.

Reduce your salt consumption

Consuming excessive salt causes your body to retain fluids in the tissues and worsens the degree of cellulite in your thighs.

It is important to review the labels of foods sold in stores. The majority of them contain more salt than necessary.

A good solution is to replace refined salt with sea salt or natural spices such as pepper, oregano or turmeric, among others.

Increase your water consumption

Drink at least two liters (eight glasses) of water per day. This contributes to keeping your skin healthy and with less cellulite and stretch marks.

This liquid, vital for life, aids in the elimination of toxins from the body. It also drives blood circulation for a better oxygenation of cells.

An optional way to drink it is lukewarm with lemon on an empty stomach. Another way to drink it is in refreshing drinks with natural fruits or vegetables.


Exercising regularly not only brings benefits for your health, but it also has a certain level of aesthetic benefits.

The natural habit supports the elimination of liquid retention and activates the metabolism to increase the loss of fat.

Thanks to this, cellulite diminishes noticeably. Skin elasticity also increases.

Some recommended exercises are:

  • Riding bikes
  • Running and jogging
  • Swimming and any other aquatic exercises
  • Spinning
  • Yoga
  • Step
  • Leg stretches

Dry brushing

The technique of dry brushing is one of the most interesting forms of combating this esthetic problem in your thighs.

With this, you promote good blood flow and lymphatic drainage. You also diminish the presence of toxins and liquids in your skin.

How do you do it?

  • Start with a natural fiber brush. Lightly scrub your skin from your feet to your shoulders.
  • Concentrate on your thighs and other areas with cellulite.
  • Brush from left to right, using movements pointing to your heart.
  • This therapy should last between 5 and 8 minutes.
  • To finish, lather with a neutral soap and rinse to get rid of the dead cells.
  • Repeat this at least three times a week.

Cheyenne pepper drink

Cheyenne pepper is part of the “fat burning” food group. It has the ability to warm your body naturally which increases your circulation and metabolism.

This is a powerful, natural detoxifier. It fights fat deposits and waste in your body.

In this special case, we will strengthen its properties with a little bit of ginger and lemon. This will give us a natural, powerful anti-cellulite drink.


  • 1 tablespoon (5 g) of powdered Cheyenne pepper
  • 1 tablespoon (5 g) of grated ginger
  • 1 lemon, juiced
  • 1 cup (200 ml) of lukewarm water


  • Combine all the ingredients in the cup of lukewarm water and drink it once a day for the next two weeks.

Ground coffee exfoliating cream

Used coffee grounds are very useful in making a natural exfoliating cream. This cream removes dead cells from your skin and fat deposits.

Its antioxidants promote internal blood flow from the lower part of your body to your heart. They also support the elimination of retained waste.


  • ¼ of a cup (50 g) of ground coffee
  • 3 tablespoons (30 g) of sugar
  • 2 tablespoons (30 g) of coconut oil


  • Put all of the ingredients in a bowl and mix them until you have a thick paste.
  • Take the amount needed and massage your thighs.
  • Press firmly and leave the product to work for 20 minutes.
  • Rinse with cold water and repeat this at least twice a week.

Follow all of this advice, and in a little while, you will notice an increase in the way the skin on your thighs looks.

Also, remember to complement these activities with a controlled diet low in fat and calories.

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