How to Keep a Marriage Happy

Recognize that being married does not imply bondages, but shared freedoms. You should know that the ups and downs are additional support. Promote tolerance and love. Every aspect plays a key role in keeping a marriage happy.
How to Keep a Marriage Happy
Bernardo Peña

Written and verified by the psychologist Bernardo Peña.

Last update: 27 May, 2022

Most couples who fall in love end up getting married and hope to spend the rest of the days of their lives together without any flaw. However, this decision is not the end of the road, but one more step in the story of a relationship. Today you can find out about how to keep a marriage happy.

It would be wonderful for a couple to make into their older years together. Imagine that you and your significant other may be able to love each other by taking care of each other and giving an example of trust, respect, loyalty, and tolerance. Of course, with love you will be able to overcome any obstacle that may arise in a marriage.

It’s important to cultivate the skills that are necessary to achieve a successful marriage. It’s fundamental in life to walk through it while feeling happiness in most aspects, and marriage is one of them.

The keys to a happy marriage

Couple getting married

Unfortunately, marriage is not a contract that ensures that two people are going to stay together and be happy for the rest of their lives. How do you keep a marriage happy? There are some general key rules that can help you:


Both individuals should know what each person likes and dislikes. They should take a moment to discuss any situation of common interest and be sure to listen to what the other has to say.


The credibility of a couple is crucial to maintain a healty relationship. Couples should should always be honest to each other and not deceive one another. On the other hand, not trusting one another is a symbol of insecurity, which can cause a marriage to fade away.


In times of stress and anger, avoid saying hurtful words. Sometimes, even though problems can get clarified, the dissapointments will keep on building up. Remember that you are both adults and that if you expect respect you must give it to one another.


Spending time with your significant other is important for setting down the foundation of the marraige. However, that doesn’t mean spouses should lose their individuality. Each person must have their own personal space. It’s necessary to let the other live their dreams, support them and live their own life.


Sex is very important in any relationship. Avoid monotony and practice new thing in order to have more pleasureable expierences. Tell your spouse what you like and what you don’t like, and never let the flames of love burn out.

Importance of Marriage

Young couple in a happy marriage

Marriage represents one of the most profound expressions of love. It’s defined as an institution that enables the creation of a bond between two members and it’s considered to be the basis of society.

It is one of the most important companies of a person’s life. A place that can become a company environment, trust, unity and the togetherness of a couple. Also, it marks the beginning of a family.

Communities with more marital unions often have a greater well-being for children, women and men, compared with those with high divorce levels . It’s not a mere personal preference, but an aspect of the public and society, both for the couple the enviroment surrounding them.

Benefits of a happy marriage

A happy marriage brings huge benefits to the couple that physically and psychologically shapes them. At the same time, it can provide the couple with a more secure life and greater sexual and intimate satisfaction. Among the advantages of having a happy marriage are:

  • Happily married people have less risk of getting cardiovascular diseases. If you have it, you could count on the support of your significant other to help you recover more quickly.
  • Physical contact and closeness of a couple leads to the release of oxytocin, a hormone capable of counteracting the effects of stress on the body.
  • Making it your mid-life while being in a harmonious relationship leads on to having a more durable existence, compared with other couples that have a conflicting marriage or people who live out of wedlock.
  • It’s the ideal state for raising children. Children that come from healthy marriages are more likely to succeed in adulthood.

Remember that happiness is not a goal, but a path to take. The lifelong union is possible, but it’s essential to learn how to maintain a happy marriage.

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