How to Decorate a Coworking Space

Coworking offices have particular characteristics that differentiate them from other workspaces. To achieve effective coworking, attention to detail must be paid.
How to Decorate a Coworking Space

Written by Jonatan Menguez

Last update: 05 January, 2024

More and more companies and independent workers use coworking spaces to carry out their activities. A coworking space provides its clients with the tools and amenities for work tasks, but also to foster relationships and the exchange of ideas.

For this reason, it’s important that these spaces are decorated accordingly. You can choose a design focused on a specific field or a more general one.

The important thing is to achieve a comfortable space to work and meet with others. This implies good lighting, constant cleaning, and a comfortable furniture layout.

What is a coworking space?

Coworking is a way of performing work tasks in a shared space without facing the costs of a private office. These spaces are widely used by freelancers, small companies, and professionals of all kinds who are looking for new contacts in an environment prepared for that purpose.

In general, a coworking space provides customers with all the necessary tools to perform their tasks. This implies adequate furniture, internet access, meeting rooms, and good air conditioning.

Within a coworking office, the aim is to encourage the exchange between people from different sectors. At the same time, it takes advantage of a more economical place than renting an office due to the shared use of materials and tools.

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The advantages of a coworking space

This type of office is increasingly required in a diversified labor market. The irruption of teleworking in the last decade and the effects of quarantines have forced thousands of companies to modify their dynamics.

In this context, coworking is presented as an alternative with numerous advantages:

  • Shared space. This is a place where knowledge and experiences can be exchanged among workers from different areas.
  • More budget-friendly. It represents much lower costs compared to office rentals. For this reason, small companies and independent professionals often choose to rent a coworking space.
  • Flexibility. This is a concept that, within the coworking space, applies to both working hours and costs. It’s possible to set a rate according to the amount of time and tools used.
  • Healthy work environment. Coworking spaces are prepared to generate a work environment according to the needs of their clients.
  • Thematic. More and more spaces focus their efforts on specific activities in order to generate exchange between workers in the same sector. For this purpose, the type of decoration is fundamental.
decorate a coworking space
Teleworking is booming now, and cost-sharing sites are a growing necessity.

Features to consider to decorate a coworking space

Achieving a space where companies and workers feel comfortable performing their tasks is the main purpose of coworking. For this reason, it’s important to take into account several aspects when it comes to decoration. These details generate a pleasant work environment by encouraging concentration and the production of collective ideas.


A fundamental choice to make the most of the space is the furniture. Efforts must be focused on producing comfort and using the available space most efficiently.

Chairs must be comfortable, and tables must be large enough for all clients to place their work tools.

In this aspect, some spaces look for innovation both in the furniture and in its arrangement. It’s possible to find from classic desks and large rectangular tables to round tables or individual sectors.

Set your space apart to decorate a coworking space

It’s important to allocate a small sector to an office or a more relaxed place. For this purpose, it’s recommended to place benches or armchairs, since they’re a type of furniture that generates relaxation in the meetings. Many companies also choose these tools to encourage creativity.


A transcendental characteristic during working hours is light. It’s necessary that a coworking space is well illuminated, but also very important to look for ways to balance your vision when it comes to screens.

If the natural light is strong, it’s recommended to place adhesive types of vinyl on the windows in order to reduce the reflection on the computers. On the other hand, it’s common for artificial lighting to be generated through ceiling lamps.


This type of place must be adaptable to the different needs that the members of a company may have. For example, it can be transformed into a regular office, a brainstorming space, or even a meeting room. Panels and modular designs are ideal for this purpose.

Use colors to decorate a coworking space

The choice of the color palette should be subject to the logo and brand tones, an aspect that reinforces the corporate identity. However, too strong of colors are not recommended for coworking environments. White, gray, or light brown are generally accepted options.


In addition to meeting spaces, shared rooms, or the exchange of experiences, it’s important that the coworking space has a private area. This is a detail that favors concentration and moments of specific meetings.


One aspect that is gaining centrality is to achieve spaces that are more environmentally friendly. Ecological materials for desks, chairs, and other furniture are a good option to offer a coworking space focused on sustainability.


Both classic offices and coworking sites are increasingly focused on generating recreational areas that promote relaxation and health. This has positive effects on creativity and general well-being.

Some designs have rooms for yoga sessions, gym, and other physical activities.

Coworking space decorated with bean bags
Coworking spaces need to have areas for group meetings.

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Important details

In addition to the general issues, there are a number of details that should be present in a coworking office. These are the aspects that make the difference with other environments, such as innovation, organization, and vegetation.

  • Lunch area: Like any office, coworking also requires a space for lunch. If the shifts are full-time, all the more reason for this!
  • Vegetation: Plants are a must in any coworking space. This is a detail that brings vitality and well-being.
  • Original decoration: The design can be subject to the specific activity that takes place there. However, it’s advisable to look for an innovative and inclusive decoration in order to generate comfort among workers from different fields.
  • Cleanliness and order: This is a transcendental aspect of any workspace. A poorly sanitized or organized coworking space is unlikely to be a good place to get work done.

Looking for the style to decorate your coworking space

One possibility to decorate the coworking space is to focus on a specific universe of activities. For example, think about technology companies, which frequently use these offices. In this case, modern furniture is recommended while providing a minimalist style.

On the other hand, if the brand seeks to position itself in sustainability, it will be key that plant decoration is present. Wood should also be taken into account in this alternative.

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