Hope’s Story: Abandoned for Being Accused of Witchcraft

February 21, 2019
Thanks to a Danish activist, Hope's life did a complete 180°. Despite the image of a malnourished child we all carry with us, today she is a happy, healthy, child.

Hope, a Nigerian child just two years old, is the protagonist of this incredible story that is touching hearts around the world.

Her family believed she was a witch. Consequently, she was abandoned on the streets.  If it weren’t for a Danish activist, she would have likely died begging on the streets of the community in which she lived.

After spending a few months recovering, Hope has undergone an incredible transformation. As a result, she became a poster child on social media to raise support for orphans in her country.

Hope’s story…


This past January, Danish activist Anja Ringgren Loven found a two-year-old wandering the streets outside of Abuja, Nigeria‘s capital. She was naked and obviously suffering from severe malnutrition.

According to The Independent, Anja is the founder of the African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation (a charity organization for the development and education of African children). 

Hope was found in a severely weakened state due to malnutrition and intestinal parasites.

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Upon seeing the child in such a condition, Anja gave her water and wrapped her in a blanket before immediately transporting her to a hospital in Uyo. There, she received intensive anti-parasite treatments and continuous blood transfusions to treat the serious anemia from which she was suffering.


In essence, this child had been surviving by eating food scraps from trash for at least eight months.

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International support

From the moment she first found Hope, the Danish woman posted photos and videos through social media in order to raise funds to pay for her medical costs.

This turned out to be one of the best decisions she ever made. In less than 48 hours, donations poured in, almost reaching a million dollars.

To thank everyone for their support, she posted:

“With all the money, in addition to giving Hope the best treatment, we can build a medical clinic and save many more children from torture.”

Two months after beginning treatment, Hope showed the world her incredible transformation.

In the most recent photographs, Hope is seen smiling in an environment that’s very different from the images that shocked the world just weeks ago.

Although she must still be under medical supervision, Hope can start a happy childhood that all children deserve.

Hope grows…


Anja Ringgren Loven will be able to save many more children, like Hope, thanks to the donations that she received.

In fact, she warned, thousands of African children are in danger of being labeled as “witches” or “possessed”.

“We’ve seen children tortured, terrorized and killed. These images show why I fight. Why I sold everything. Why I left Denmark for uncharted territory,” she affirmed.

Together with her husband, David, Loven started the construction of an orphanage at the end of January.

The couple has a biological son, David Jr., who’s almost two. In addition, they are responsible for 35 children rescued from the streets.


Finally, thanks to her dedication and efforts, Loven is today a hero. Millions of people have become familiar with her cause and expressed an interest in supporting what she does.

As of now, she continues to share updates on Hope’s new life via her Facebook page. When thousands of people unite, great things can be accomplished . Hope’s smile is now a symbol of that.

Like her, many children need special attention before it’s too late.

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