Four Signs that a Friend is Using You

· October 11, 2014

Every day we relate with different people.  Some of them become true friends whom we can always count on.  But others just try to reap the benefits of the friendship we bring them.

It’s not always easy to tell if a friend is using you, or if they are a true friend.  However, there are certain situations or characteristics of how they relate to us that are very peculiar and that make it easy to identify a negative friendship, or when someone is getting close to us with further intentions.

You only hear from them when they need something

This is the basic characteristic of a false or self-interested friendship; when your friend only comes around when they need something from you.  This could involve very simple things, like loaning them a book or taking them somewhere, or it could involve more complicated situations, like lending them money.

Helping your friends out is a sign of love and affection, but if you start to notice that this individual only comes to you to ask for things, it might be time to set a limit, or an end, to the situation.

They go out with friends and don’t invite you

It just makes sense to want our friends to get to know each other and relate among themselves.  But if someone who was recently included in your circle begins to go out with your friends and doesn’t invite you, and practically hides it, this could be a sign of alarm.  

It is important to be objective if this situation arises, as sometimes it is easy to feel a little threatened or envious without real cause.  That’s why it is recommendable to analyze the situation very well before moving away from the individual.

Uses your personal information for their own benefit

Some fake friends get close for the sole purpose of obtaining information about you that could be used to their benefit.  This situation could be so clear, and sometimes you might not take it seriously.

This could appear in several very different situations, which is why you should stay alert.  It could be that this friend tries to use your contact information for a job, or to get favors under your name.  You could become involved in misunderstandings or serious problems with your contact, without having any idea what happened.

You are constantly denied

A real friendship is sincere and not self-interested.  However, in certain occasions we need our friends.  It could be that you need them to listen, you need a favor or that they help you with some situation.  If you notice that your friend always refuses to help you, it is probably that the friendship is not very sincere.

This point is strongly related to the first point, as it is very common that in fake friendships, they always ask you for help or try to benefit from you, but they disappear when you need them.

Not everyone that we meet in our lives has the intent of using us or causing us harm, but it is important to be alert to avoid being used by those that would.

Photos courtesy of wrangler