Four Problems of Being an Only Daughter

05 December, 2019
Only daughters all have very special characteristics. Because they have no brothers or sisters, there are few a problems they have to face.

From birth, an only daughter may become spoiled at home and become mom and dad’s little princess. As a result, her parents may be overprotective. They may also make an extra effort to take care of her needs, since she’s the most precious thing in their lives.

By not having brothers or sistersonly daughters carry a great weight upon their shoulders. Once they become adults, they may feel an obligation to repay their parents’ investment. This can affect their development and cause internal conflicts.

The Challenges an Only Daughter Has To Face

1. Difficulty Relating To Others

only daughter

For an only daughter, it’s sometimes difficult to relate to other people.

Only daughters are often used to focusing on their own needs. Thus, it’s not easy to feel empathy for other people. This can make them feel uncomfortable working in a team and cause them to ignore the contributions of other people.

The best example is when they go to school for the first time and they’re no longer the centre of attention. This experience can make them not want to go back.

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2. Managing Conflict

Problems are part of life. However, for an only daughter, these conflicts happen less frequently because they don’t have any brothers or sisters. Therefore, they don’t get a chance to develop their skills at resolving conflict.

Furthermore, their parents are constantly solving their problems for them. This means they don’t have to fight for the things they want and everything comes a lot easier to them. They also sometimes become very sore losers.

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3. Selfishness

All children between the ages of 10 and 12 are selfish and self-centered. However, children who have brothers and sisters are still able to carry on because they are obliged to share.

Only daughters don’t have the chance to share things daily, particularly since their parents’ money is used to attend to their needs. As a result, they may believe in their right to have what they want without thinking of others.

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4. Mutual Dependence

Regardless of their age, parents will hang all their hopes on an only daughter. This pressure makes them feel like they need to be perfect and live up to their parents’ hopes and aspirations.

Once they become adults, they may become the center of the home. This can create a dependence, whereby they now need to take care of their parents.

Because she’s an only daughter, many parents will want her to stay close to them forever. This, in turn, will make the daughter feel guilty if she moves away.

This can severely limit her options when it comes to the next stages of life.

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The Positive Side of Being an Only Daughter

Early Maturity

An only daughter will spend the majority of her time with her parents.

This means that she’ll participate in more adult activities. This could encourage her to enjoy reading, drawing, or do activities which require concentration and silence. All of this means that she’ll mature quicker than other children of the same age.

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A Developed Imagination

If her parents aren’t available to be with her, an only daughter will have to invent some brothers, sisters, friends, or even pets herself.

This way, she can create games that she can play on her own, simply to pass the time. Naturally, this is a great way to develop her imagination.

A Sense of Responsibility

As she grows up, an only daughter will have to do many chores around the home because she has no-one to share them with. On the other hand, she also doesn’t have anyone to blame if she breaks something or makes a mistake. Thus, she’ll be more likely to take responsibility for herself.

Being an only daughter means belonging to a very exclusive group. These girls may have lots of questions about children with brothers or sisters and what their lives are like.

Although it’s not easy to understand their lives, the commitment that only daughters get from their parents when they become adults is strong, making that dependence mutual.