Foods that Can Harm Your Emotional Health

· September 25, 2014

Certain foods contain natural substances that can harm our emotional state. We should all be aware of the kinds of foods we consume daily, as they greatly affect both our physical and emotional health.

Which Foods Can Harm Our Health and Emotional State?

In addition to directly affecting our emotional health, saturated fats cause the body to suffer, in general terms, from other chronic illnesses.

Some products harm our health, such as cigarettes and alcohol, which, as we already know, can affect our lungs, liver, blood pressureand can also increase blood sugar levels as well as uric acid and cholesterol levels, among many other problems and complications.

Likewise, many other foods can lead to these same health problems; foods that are found in our daily diet. In addition to the aforementioned issues, they can also cause lack of energy, boredom, and many other problems that can become really quite serious.

Saturated Fats

There are many foods containing high quantities of saturated fats, which are very harmful substances to our health, among which are those referred to as fast foods, like pizza, hotdogs, hamburgers, tacos, fries, among others. What’s more, the fat that these foods contain can clog the blood vessels and lower the levels of seratonin, which can cause a feeling of boredom and depression.

Processed Foods and Those High in Sugar

Foods such as candy, pastries, and carbonated drinks that have a high sugar content when first ingested can provide energy, but later convert into a health problemas they elevate glucose levels, causing diabetes, among other no-less serious issues.


Some aspects of coffee, like caffeine, for example, can sometimes cause serious health problems and especially regarding emotional state.  The consumption of this drink can produce irritability, stomach problems, reduce the heart rhythm, and also insomnia, though not everyone feels these effect, it is proven that caffeine affects the nervous system of the majority of the consumers.

Easy Tips for a Healthy Diet

Fruits and Vegetables1
In addition to improving your emotional state, eating fruits and vegetables daily will notably help your whole body be healthier.

The most important thing to remember is to eliminate all foods from your diet that are processed and that contain high amounts of sugar, and above all, those made with white flour.

In main meals, it is important to include as many fruits and vegetables as possible, eating sufficient daily quantities of proteins and vegetables. However, keep your portions in mind, as it is also unhealthy to eat an excess amount of anything, which can lead to weight gain.

Additionally, it is healthy to eat a good breakfast and include natural juices, fruits, and a protein like eggs.  If you include a flour, it should be whole grain.

It is important to know how to choose and prefer a fruit over a sweet. Since your health depends on it, you should also keep in mind that making the right choices not only helps you maintain your figure, but is also vital in taking care of your overall health.