9 Fall and Winter Makeup Trends

Take a look at these fall and winter makeup trends and try a few out!
9 Fall and Winter Makeup Trends

Last update: 17 February, 2023

Fall and winter makeup trends encompass ideas for all tastes. Whether you want the colors to stand out or you prefer the naturalness of your skin, you’ll be sure to find the right technique among this season’s offerings.

The aim is not to follow a pattern, but to break the molds and give way to fresh looks. Sometimes, this can even be done with a certain vintage evocation.

The idea is to feel good and highlight the features while taking advantage of the benefits of cosmetics. So, how can you apply fashionable makeup? Which shades should you choose? We’ll tell you in this article.

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An article from the Euroinnova International Education Center states that fashion can be fleeting or not, depending on the changes a society undergoes. They claim that styles are transformed by environmental references; makeup does not escape from this appreciation.

It’s through advertising campaigns, fashion shows, and social networks that everything related to fashion, including makeup, is promoted every season. The advances, to date, reveal that the trend for fall-winter proposes to mix the organic with the innovative.

It focuses on the features and illuminating them, providing strong colors if you want, but preferably leaving freckles or markings bare. After all, these are considered to be a unique part of your personality!

Within the malleability that allows the autumn-winter formula, appliqués and glitter also have a special place. Here are some of the trends for you to keep in mind.

1. Balance between matte and shimmer

A matte finish with glitters of moisture is what fall and winter makeup is all about. To achieve this, it will be important to use foundations, foundations, and powders that BB cream, and powders that highlight the characteristics of the skin and have a light effect will be important.

It’s also key to select pigments that are appropriate for your complexion. Neutral foundations suit everyone, while gold or yellow ones suit “olive” skins. The pink ones correspond to skin types with an inclination to this tone. To find out which one suits you, try them on your neck and check that the range blends with your natural color.

As for the shimmer, by illuminating the forehead, cheekbones and nose, you can balance the matte impression given by the foundation.

2. Smoky eyes and the color pink

If you love smoky eyes, then rest reassured: the fall and winter trend does not exclude this technique! What it proposes is to merge two colors, leaving the lighter ones for the tear trough area, with the purpose of illuminating.

On the other hand, shading the eyes mask style with a pink palette, and shading with some black or blue, also gives a touch of playfulness. Flashes in metallic tones also result in this initiative to make up the upper eyelids with pinks, venturing a little more than conventional shading.

Fall and winter makeup trends.
Pink is one of the trendy colors for the eyes this fall and winter season.

3. Unruly eyebrows

Going with unkempt eyebrows is what fall and winter makeup is all about. Straight lines will no longer be used; tousled hairs will be preferable, as natural as possible. Smearing soap brow on the arches is also ideal to enhance the effect.

4. Brown and gold

The warmth of brown is a seasonal alternative. With gold, you add a bit of light to the eyeshadows. That’s how both shades get into the vibe.

5. Mouth crimson (and some fuchsia)

Straight from the past, the intensity of red lips is back, in matte or with gloss. The catwalks show illuminated faces, with deep shadows, abundant eyelashes, and red highlights on the mouth.

This color is bold and sophisticated.

As for fuchsia on the lips, it is admissible for neutral complexions. In fact, this palette is ideal for blushing the cheeks and shading the eyes.

On the other hand, lip tints are a powerful alternative, because, with a little application, you can highlight your mouth, without the need to retouch with other paints. They’re also long-lasting and many are even flavored.

6. Renewed eyeliner

Although traditional eyeliner will always be a safe alternative, for fall-winter, the lines will be irreverent. In addition to black, metallics and neons will be part of the trend.

Among the techniques that will be in style are “mermaid eyes,” which can be done with graphic eyeliner. If you’re not an eyeliner expert yet, try to use eyeliner pencil instead of liquid eyeliner; this way, you minimize mistakes and the technique looks neat.

An extra tip is to enlarge the look by drawing the lower lash line and bringing the line towards the corner of the eye, marking a thickness according to your taste.

A beautiful woman.
Mermaid eyes will help you to show off your look in the fall-winter season.

7. Glitter appliqués

Glitter eyeliner and crystals around the eyes are here to stay. These decorative pieces are placed in strategic points of the eyelids and contour, enhancing the look and giving originality to the arrangement.

Some appliqués are self-adhesive; you adhere other kinds with eyelash glue. They are easy to remove and, when properly positioned, pose no risk. The American Academy of Ophthalmology warns that, if flakes of frost, beads, or glitter enter the tear film, irritation could result.

8. Elevated eyelashes

Curling lashes and putting on mascara is a classic in any season. Try black mascaras to gain volume and lengthen as much as you can, in case you don’t want to use extensions.

9. Vintage liner

Lining the lips with a different shade than the filler is another practice that comes back from the 90s. It usually combines different shades of red and brown. The idea is to bring out the contrast of the vintage liner.

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Complement your fall and winter makeup with in-vogue outfits

Green, fuchsia, blue, and white are the colors of clothing that will be in style during the fall and winter. Blazer and trouser sets, dresses, and skirts in these tones will be part of the outfits; consider them to complement your makeup.

Of course, you can’t be missing out on a few basic garments in your closet, such as jeans and white T-shirts. They look good with everything and allow versatility when it comes to makeup.

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