Exercises to Define and Tone Muscles

· February 23, 2015

With these simple exercises, you can tone muscles and shape the upper part of your legs, and can even say goodbye to much hated cellulite. You will lose a few centimeters if you are consistent, drink plenty of water, and follow a proper diet. You will see results in a short amount of time.

Define and Tone Muscles

If the winter season has left you with a few extra pounds or you want to look great for summer vacation, don’t hesitate to put these amazing exercises into practice. You should keep in mind that any routine must be accompanied with a low-calorie diet and plenty of water (two or more liters a day). The good news is that warm weather is coming so it won’t be hard at all to enjoy salads, fruit juices, or smoothies.

You will need to activate your metabolism and tone your muscles especially in the problem areas like legs and their muscles. Fat “loves” to accumulate their, which causes a loss in tone.


It has been proven that a muscly body burns more energy than one that is not, even when resting. This is because muscle mass (everything that is the opposite of fat) is an active tissue from an energy point of view. If you want to show off a beautiful figure and your dream curves this summer, work on your leg muscles and start to burn calories.

You have surely already tried various exercises and diets but you are still unsatisfied with your body, especially the lower part. This is very frequent with women, but you don’t have to get discouraged or give up. There are ways to define your legs with specific movements. You may have not had a proper routine until now.

Exercises to Tone and Slim Your Muscles

You should do this plan between 3 and 5 times a week in order to notice the results in a few days. You will soon see the difference because your legs will start to become defined, toned, and with less cellulite. It will only take you 15 minutes to do them. Don’t forget to also add a good walk or bike ride (even if it’s stationary) for 30 minutes to the routine.

  • Squats: these are one of the best exercises to tone your muscles as well as your legs. Start with the basic stance of your feet a little separated. Extend your arms forward and bend your knees. Push your backside out as if you were about to sit down until your muscles are in a parallel line to the floor, with your arms always extended forward. Hold the position for a few seconds and stand back up. You should do ten repetitions in a raw and rest for a few minutes. Repeat ten more times until you get the technique down. Then, you can walk or do something else so that you don’t get bored. For example, with your feet more separated (you will put more pressure on your muscles), with your back against a wall, with a ball between your back and the wall, with a bar (putting both hands behind your head more or less at shoulder height and with light weight at first), with weights in both hands, etc.


  • Lunges: this exercise will help reduce and also tone your muscles and firm your gluteals. It is true that it requires some effort, but it is worth it because the results are great. The basic lunge is standing up with your back straight, your chest outwards, looking forward, and with your shoulders aligned. Your arms will rest at your sides. Take a step forward with your right leg fist and bend your knees until the left touches the ground (or comes close). Hold for a few seconds and slowly return to the first position. Now repeat this with a step forward with the left leg and the right knee touching the ground. Alternate with each one until you do ten repetitions. Rest for a minute and then do ten more. The variations of lunges can be holding a weight in each hand or a bar between both or instead of staying in the same place, walk while you do the exercise. This will require more effort and you should only try it when you are used to the basic lunge. Start the same way but instead of putting your legs together when you stand up, take a step with the other foot, as if you were dodging something.


  • Leg lifts: lay on your right side on a mat, blanket, or rug, with your right elbow supported on the ground and your hand holding your head at approximately your ear. Raise your left leg as high as you can towards the ceiling. Slowly bring your leg to the first position without touching your knees. Do ten repetitions without stopping, rest, and do another set of ten. Lay on your left side and do the exercise with your right leg. A variation of this exercise can be putting weights on your ankles or going up and down “stairs” with rests in between.
  • Extensions: lay face down on a mat, rug, or blanket, with your legs extended back. Rest your arms on the sides of your body or you can extend them forward. With the help of your gluteal muscles, extend and raise your legs upward. Keep them straight for a few seconds and then return to the first position slowly. You can do two sets of ten repetitions for each one.


Images courtesy of Mario Antonio Pena Zapateria, Anthony Seamarks and Kyriaki.