An Exercise Routine for People with High Blood Pressure

A combined routine of aerobic exercises with a few sets of muscle work can help us to stabilize our blood pressure. In addition, relaxation techniques afterwards will help us to clear our minds.
An Exercise Routine for People with High Blood Pressure
Elisa Morales Lupayante

Reviewed and approved by the pedagogue in physical education and nutritionist Elisa Morales Lupayante.

Last update: 31 March, 2023

High blood pressure or hypertension is one of the most common cardiovascular diseases. It occurs when the pressure in the arteries is excessive, which subjects the heart to an increased load. According to Dr. Bakris, a cause is not usually identified, although it can sometimes occur as a result of an underlying hormonal disorder or kidney disease.

There have been warnings for some time about the risks of not taking proper care of oneself, especially once a diagnosis of hypertension has been made.

Many health organizations are now promoting the adoption of a healthier lifestyle, as it’s been proven to be the best way to prevent this and other diseases.

With regard to hypertension, one of the most recommended healthy habits is the regular practice of physical activity on a daily basis.

Although previously it was thought that physical exertion could have negative repercussions on the heart, since 1989 the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Society of Hypertension have promoted exercise as a healthy habit that’s highly recommended for people with cardiovascular disease. In addition, they accepted exercise as a non-pharmacological measure to reduce blood pressure values.

In fact, the experts of the Spanish Heart Foundation clarify that:

Programs that include activities such as walking, dancing, running, swimming and cycling for 30 to 60 minutes a day and at least three to five days a week are effective. When properly performed, these exercises can reduce blood pressure values in hypertensive individuals to within the normal range.

The benefits of an exercise routine when you have high blood pressure

Exercise Routine for People with High Blood Pressure
There are many different healthy exercises that can help people with high blood pressure.

People with high blood pressure or other cardiovascular diseases don’t need to adopt an intense and exhaustive exercise plan. With a moderate-impact routine, they can stay healthy.

Experts from the University of São Paulo allude to the aging process as a drastic reducer of muscle mass, strength, and power, decreasing the ability to perform activities of daily living. They also recommend the practice of resistance exercises, as these can reverse the damage and help maintain muscle mass by improving strength and endurance.

One of the most notable benefits is the ability to help burn calories, especially during aerobic activities. Thanks to this, cholesterol levels are reduced and can ensure the optimal condition of the arteries, heart and the rest of the circulatory system.

By improving blood flow, there’s greater oxygenation of the body’s tissues. At the same time, it increases the body’s capacity to eliminate the fluids that are retained there.

In general, its regular practice represents a lower incidence of cerebrovascular accidents, myocardial infarctions, and other conditions and diseases that can affect a person’s quality of life or even lead to death.

Of course, it’s not superfluous to mention that regular exercise also has a positive effect on the reduction of stress and anxiety. These emotions influence blood pressure readings above what they should.

An exercise routine for people with high blood pressure

The following exercises have a positive effect on patients with high blood pressure. They can help to control it naturally and simply. However, it’s always a good idea to get a prior medical consultation because, in special cases, a personalized routine is required.

In any case, for greater effectiveness, the plan is composed of three basic practices:

  • Aerobic activity
  • Muscle work
  • Relaxation techniques

Bicycle exercise

Exercise Routine for People with High Blood Pressure
Biking is a great option to tone and strengthen the muscles of the legs and back.

This physical exercise is advised as resistance training. It strengthens the cardiovascular system, activates the metabolism, and also improves the immune response.

In addition, it’s a great option to tone and strengthen the muscles of the legs and back without overloading the joints.

How to do it?

  • To begin with, you can do 20 to 30 minutes. Whether it’s a static or classic bicycle is up to you!
  • Generally, it is recommended to exercise three times a week, but if you can do it for more days, that’s much better.


Dancing is one of the most fun and effective cardiovascular exercises you can do. Since it involves constant movement of the whole body, it helps improve circulation and increases the rate of metabolism to burn calories.

Its regular practice can be very effective, as it lowers cholesterol, controls blood pressure, and combats stress. Let all your choreographic creativity come out – you can play your favorite music or take dance classes!

How to do it?

  • An interesting way to make it a routine is by practicing Zumba. This type of exercise routine usually lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

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Leg stretching

leg stretching
Stretching your legs regularly helps eliminate knots of tension that could be hindering blood flow.

Constant leg movement helps improve circulation in this area and prevents the heart from overloading.

Because of its ability to relax the muscles, this stretching exercise helps eliminate knots of tension that could be hindering the passage of blood.

How to do it?

  • Your body should be upright, with your legs together and your arms stretched out in front of you.
  • Now, bend your trunk forward in an attempt to touch the tips of your toes with your fingers. Hold this position for a few seconds.

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Relaxation techniques

Finally, after this simple routine, it’s a good idea to do some breathing exercises with your eyes closed. Stretch the extremities of your body and focus on relaxation and meditation.

Always remember to consult your doctor if you have any particular condition that prevents you from doing physical activities.

In conclusion, just give yourself a few moments to take care of your body. These exercises will take very little time and aren’t too intense, so be sure to try them!

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