The Most Erotic Body Parts According to Science!

30 November, 2018
Scientists in England and South Africa have discovered that the most erogenous parts of the human body don’t always correspond to our traditional beliefs.

Recent movies such as Kiki, or TV series like Masters of Sex, have shown that sexual pleasure isn’t achieved via one sole route. Human sex is made up of much more than a penis and a vagina – which are considered the main erotic body parts.

In fact, the area that provides us with the most pleasure is the brain. This can explain the existence of surprising preferences or fetishes, which are in no way a bad thing as long as all parties consent.

In any relationship, there are common themes. Certain elements can be found in most people.

This has been confirmed by a study that was carried out in 2014 and involved 800 people from England and sub-Saharan Africa.

It’s important because it included a multi-cultural approach: to test if culture played a factor.

The results of the study have brought some unexpected factors to light.

  • For one, race, origin, age, and sexual orientation made no difference.
  • Another finding that drew some attention was the fact that the feet were not classified as one of the most erotic body parts.
  • They may become objects of some fetishes and desires, but the idea that the feet contain neurotransmitters that allow you to feel stimulation at the same level as genitals do is a complete myth.
  • Perhaps the differences lie between fetishes and myths. There are some people who enjoy certain practices, while others reject them. Still, the body’s response is the same.

The most erotic body parts for men and women


Sex has typically resided in the male dominion. Even up until the 1990s it was common to hear an argument about whether or not there was even such as thing as a female orgasm.

It’s important to note that female ejaculation was never questioned – it was their ability to attain orgasm. On the other hand, a lot of scientists worked hard to make this a recognized, documented fact.

Later there was a claim that women have more erotic body parts. While in men this was mostly attributed to the penis, testicles, and anus, women were supposed to have greater options in this aspect, and in fact, this is true.

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It can be astonishing how excited a woman gets when she feels the touch of her lover’s hands behind her legs. The same goes for the scalp or the abdomen.

Women have been estimated to have a considerable advantage over men, with 10 additional erotic points.

They include:

  • Vulva
  • Lops
  • Neck
  • Chest and nipples
  • Inner thighs
  • Ears

For men, the most important places are:

  • Penis
  • Lips
  • Inner thigh area
  • Neck
  • Nipples
  • Perineum
  • Ears

Stimulating any of these zones will have an effect, but it’s hardly logical to try to do so all at once. Everyone likes to go slowly.

For that reason, introducing a kiss within a pleasurable game between the two partners is much more effective than touching them without warning. Seduction is critical to success.

According to neuroscience, the G-spot is in the brain


Other studies in the field of neuroscience have found that the mind is capable of sexualizing multiple erotic body parts.

A person can experience great pleasure just by feeling how their partner kisses their fingertips. One of the reasons for this is the automatic thought pattern that this action triggers.

Without being fully aware of it, they release a lot of associations that culminate in an erotic stimulus.

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In this way, it’s possible for someone to completely melt when they sense the touch of their partner on a certain part of their body, simply because they had had an early conversation about it.

The preview of the scene to come or the projection of desire can be very satisfying.

Considering this fact, we can conclude that the imagination is one of our most erotic aspects.

It’s your ability to create images that stimulate and generate excitement. So if you want to boost your sexual energies, we suggest you take the time to care for your mind and expand your imagination.

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