Dot Eyeliner: The Makeup Trend that Triumphs on TikTok

Dot eyeliner is one of the eye makeup trends that has gained the most followers in the world. What does it consist of? Here are all the details!
Dot Eyeliner: The Makeup Trend that Triumphs on TikTok

Last update: 12 November, 2022

Do you know what dot eyeliner is? Beauty trends now spread through different channels that reach everyone in a matter of seconds. Such is the case of social networks, which are platforms where these tips, tricks, and trends tend to go viral.

Dot eyeliner, for example, is a style that has been making waves both on runways and in Instagram and TikTok videos. Shared by many celebrities, it has become one of the favorite new eye makeup techniques. So, what is this new beauty trend, and how can you join in?

We’ll tell you everything you need to know in this article.

What is dot eyeliner?

A few years ago, Geraldine Chaplin, the daughter of the beloved Charles Chaplin, began applying dot eyeliner under each eye. Although it didn’t go viral at the time, over time, more models, actresses, influencers, and other fashion personalities took it upon themselves to spread it everywhere.

The most prestigious models wear this style of makeup during fashion week shows around the world. As its name suggests, it’s a way of applying eyeliner with one or several dots.

You can do just one dot or several, depending on the style you want to achieve. In general, these dots are added to the lower lash line. As for the colors, as in fashion, rhere are no real rules about which ones to use.

Besides the classic and eternal black, there are those who choose to make dots in colors that match the color of the eye shadow they’re wearing at that moment. In fact, there are now products with metallic appliqués to brighten the area and illuminate the look.

So, how do you apply this type of makeup? Let’s take a look.

dot eyeliner
Dot eyeliner is a riskier way of applying eyeliner. It can be done with color, in white, or in the classic black tone.

How to apply the dot eyeliner technique

As we’ve mentioned in this article, dot eyeliner is a makeup strategy used to enhance the eyes and intensify your look. In general, the dots that are applied are small, and there;s usually only one in the center of the eye.

However, innovations by professional makeup artists have not taken long to arrive, so it’s now possible to see triangles, hearts, and even other shapes that replace the original dots.

Also, other dots have been added by some people to form a line of dots that runs along the lower part of the eye. It should be noted that this effect is for daring personalities who are looking for a departure from classic black eyeliner.

This makeup detail is applied at the end of your makeup routine when you’ve finished applying powder, blush, shadows, etcetera. Then, you must choose what shape you want (a dot, heart, or triangle).

With your eyeliner – whatever color you like – proceed to draw the shape. If you choose a colored one, first outline the shape with a white one and then draw the colored one on top. This way, the color will stand out more. Finally, try to apply the same shade of eye shadow to help the outline stay intact for longer.

What to do if it goes wrong? Although this is a very simple technique to practice at home, it can fail. In such a case, simply apply a drop of makeup remover lotion on a cotton swab and carefully proceed to remove the shape.

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Some tips for applying dot eyeliner 

  • Choose a good quality liquid eyeliner. Otherwise, not only does it detract from the finish, but allergic reactions may occur.
  • Before applying to below your eye, put a little on your hand to avoid getting excess product directly on your eyelid.
  • Finally, apply your mascara as usual.
dot eyeliner
The key to a good finish when applying dot eyeliner is to use a good-quality eyeliner.

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Dot eyeliner: Professional makeup at home

We’ve now gone over how to incorporate this professional makeup technique at home, and, as you may have seen, it’s pretty simple to do. If you notice that it’s difficult to keep your hand steady or you’re having problems drawing the shape, the key is to practice first in your hand until you become more confident.

The next step will be to show off your eyes in a different and – it goes without saying  – eye-catching way. We hope you give this makeup trend a try and enjoy the results!

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