Why Doesn’t Chocolate Make You Fat?

· October 6, 2014

What is more delicious than chocolate? Very few people don’t like chocolate and it still continues to be one of the most coveted delicacies of the world…

In spite of that, it has had a very bad reputation. People have always thought that chocolate tends to make you fatter or increase cholesterol because of its fat content and sugars. Recently, a group of researchers from the University of Granada have abolished the taboo that chocolate makes you fat and ruins your diet. People have always conspired against chocolate, like those people that think it simply helps, but even more those who think it makes you fat.

In spite of what they say about chocolate, it is rich in flavonoids, which are very important for the body because these vitamins are extremely healthy.

Coronary artery disease is one of the diseases that this food helps combat. It is also a good antioxidant, serves as an antithrombotic, and is also an anti-inflammatory.

Recent Studies Say…

The new study by Nutrition magazine analyzed how chocolate influences fat accumulation in the most important areas of the body (your abdomen and other parts). The most impressive result is that chocolate has lower levels of fat than any other food. Therefore, it doesn’t affect any physical activity or diet that you are on.

The HELENA study (Healthy Lifestyle in Europe by Nutrition in Adolescence) selected teenagers between twelve and seventeen years old for this study. In total, there were 1,458 teenagers. This study wanted to find out the dietary habits of young people in several European countries, with one of them being Spain.


They also observed body measurements, certain physical activity, and an analysis of the diet of the teenagers that were doing the test. Every result was independent of what the participants in the test consumed or did. But researchers have stated that foods should not be valued for the biological impact they have on the body or for their calorie content.

Although they have determined that chocolate isn’t a danger to becoming obese, researchers insist that its consumption is controlled. They state that “In moderation, chocolate can be good. But eating too much of it is definitely harmful. As they say, ‘There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.'”

Lastly, researches emphasize that chocolate is not dangerous for anyone, especially if you think you will gain weight from it. The important thing is not to eat too much of it, and always keep in mind that the good thing about some food that is very dangerous for some, but for others it is a total benefit for your health.