11 Different Ways to Combine a Blazer

Formal, casual, or quite relaxed are styles you can achieve by pairing a blazer with other pieces of clothing. Discover the many different styles possible with this piece.
11 Different Ways to Combine a Blazer

Last update: 16 December, 2022

A blazer never goes out of style, especially if you know how to combine it. The trend is to wear this piece with pants, dresses, and skirts, as it has long been detached from formality and now allows for a wide variety of fun combinations.

Besides being a basic element in clothing, blazers are extremely versatile when it comes to adapting to any trendy outfit. This garment, which originally corresponded to a masculine cut, jumped into women’s closets to make them feel comfortable and elegant.

Let’s discover the importance of having this kind of versatile wardrobe and the different ways to put together an outfit with the same blazer.

Why everyone should have a blazer in their closet

Blazers are a wildcard when dressing. After all, you can wear them to go to work, to class, to attend an event, or even to go shopping. Among the many advantages of these jackets, they help to create distinguished looks and warm clothing.

Likewise, a blazer is also synonymous with good taste; the fact of getting them individually makes it easier to put together outfits and, fortunately, these jackets truly never go out of style. On the contrary, those who have blazers in their closets have a garment that combines two essential concepts: fashion and style.

As the Cuadernos del Centro de Estudios de Diseño y Comunicación points out, fashion encompasses products that have become popular during a specific period and in a specific place, while style groups together the characteristics and details that differentiate a product from others. That said, the blazer meets both criteria.

Different ways to combine a blazer

Blazers are much more than just trendy pieces. In fact, the way to prove their adaptability is by wearing outfits with the traits that we propose below.

Combine a Blazer with a shirt
You can combine a blazer with jeans for a casual style for the office or an outing with friends.

1. Out-of-the-ordinary designs

A blazer doesn’t have to be monotone and boring, especially if you choose designs that break schemes and are attractive. Some of these models are the following:

  • Oversize blazers: Even if it’s not your size, XXL blazers in cool tones and combined with colorful sweaters work perfectly for many different looks.
  • Buttons and shoulder pads: With a certain nod to the vintage look, double buttons in the middle and on the sleeves, as well as mini shoulder pads, add elegance and femininity to blazers. You can even wear this type of blazer with denim jeans.
  • Kimono-style blazers: These are blazers inspired by the clothes worn by geishas. This style is longer and the fabrication is in soft textile, admitting prints, unicolor, and frills. They can be worn with waist-length shorts, simple skirts, and leggings or bikers shorts. Baggy jeans are also not a limitation for these jackets!

2. Various prints

Taking advantage of prints is another infallible method to make an impact using blazers. Some ideas?

  • Stripes: No black top can go wrong with a striped blazer. The ideal outfit goes well with heels.
  • Zebra striped blazers: The good thing about this animal print in clothing is that it’s not only displayed in white with black; beige stripes captivate in blazers paired with high-waisted leggings under the jacket.
  • Plaid: This pattern is two-tone, usually in black and white. It’s a perfect match with warm, plain blouses. However, make sure to never combine this print with other prints.

3. Wear a mini skirt with a blazer

To enhance the look of your blazer, it never hurts to wear a mini skirt. If you’re especially daring, blow up the combination by wearing a white t-shirt and heeled ankle boots underneath the blazer. This combination is a way to get out of the routine of pants.

4. Welcome the culotte

A blazer with a crop top really dazzles with culottes. The wide nature of these pants and their midi or just below-the-knee length provide another great way to pair a blazer. As with most mixes, everything from high heels to tennis shoes favors this look.

5. Flared pants

In the case of denim or other textiles, wide-boot or flared pants are very fun with blazers. You can also add heels, ankle boots, or even sneakers.

Also, don’t doubt the effectiveness of sneakers and blazers. An article published in the ABC newspaper mentions that a formal garment combined with a casual one is novel, provides a surprise factor, and is stimulating for the brain.

Combine a Blazer with a top
Dare to wear intense colors in your blazers.

6. Tie it with jeans

High-waisted jeans and a pair of booties go with any blazer. The originality of this classic outfit comes from the extra designs on the pants.

For example, if the denim is tight-fitting and ripped, a lace or floral top will work very well, especially when the blazer is black, navy blue, or brown.

7. Look for matching pieces

While it is possible to buy a blazer as a single garment, jacket and pant sets in the same design are also a common option. This matching suit is functional because it provides formality when worn with heels or sandals, sophistication when worn with ballet flats, and coolness when worn with sneakers.

8. Wear dresses with blazers

Mainly, white dresses go well with American-style jackets for women. Make sure the jacket is a completely different shade; strong blues finish off this style.

9. Make an impact with jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are striking garments on their own, but in colder seasons or if you want to add more personality to the style, consider combining them with a blazer. Depending on the hue of the main piece, you can contrast it or match it with the blazer.

10. Don’t be afraid of colors

The colors that are a little scary are the ones that end up impressing for good. Yellow, green, orange, and fuchsia are vibrant and popular choices for wearing blazers with white shirts and jeans or casual pants.

Keep in mind that the shades you choose impact more than just your look. According to research related to the subject, colors even influence our emotional states!

11. All white

If the outfit is all white you get a stately touch that you can highlight with gold accessories. This look is suitable for work, an evening party, and even for daytime events.

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What should you remember when combining a blazer

So, what should you keep in mind when combining a blazer? The answer is simple: there are no limits. Dare to experiment with styles that enhance your attributes but above all make you feel comfortable.

One final remarkable tip is to give a chance to colors while also playing with accessories. This is a great way to achieve dazzling outfits with this timeless piece.

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