Decorate the Bathroom with Plants: 7 Ideas

The bathroom is one of the places we tend to neglect when decorating. In this article, we'll share some ideas to decorate your bathroom with plants.
Decorate the Bathroom with Plants: 7 Ideas

Last update: 27 May, 2022

If there’s any room in the house that could use a touch of liveliness, it’s the bathroom. Often, this space doesn’t have any windows and it tends to have a very conventional design. In addition, it’s one of the spaces where you need to create a fresh and pleasant atmosphere. Therefore, one of the best things you can do is decorate the bathroom with plants.

Plants aren’t just a natural touch to your decor, they also add color and aroma to the room. Also, the humidity in the bathroom can help some plants transform into leafy and beautiful plants.

Decorate the bathroom with plants

Nature offers us infinite possibilities in terms of decor. However, it’s important to know what type of plant is best for the bathroom. Here are 7 ideas to help you decorate the bathroom with plants:

1. Put them near mirrors

Some bathrooms only have very small windows, so they lack natural light. Because of that, one idea is to put your plants in front of a mirror. 

2. Place them in pots

Lack of space is one of the recurring issues in our bathrooms. However, you can decorate even the smallest spaces with plants. All you need is a shelf-type planter you can hang. 

3. On a large scale

If you have a larger space, this is the best option. Whether you place the plants in a corner or near the bathtub, you can put the plants at different heights. That will help transform your bathroom into a beautiful place with a jungle feel. Also, you can use wicker or other natural materials as your pots. 

A bathroom with shelves and bastkets.

4. Opt for minimalist decor

Simple can be tasteful. You can use small vases filled with water and put a branch or two in them. That’s a way to decorate your bathroom with plants that doesn’t require much care but that still looks good. 

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5. Decorate your bathroom with plants on the windows

Some windows have windowsills where you can place your plants. This is especially great for those species that need natural light to grow. In addition, you can put vines on the windows.

6. Put them on the sink

The sink is one of the best places to put small pots with plants. This space is great for succulents or other small plants that don’t need a lot of soil.

7. Place them by the tub

It might sound strange at first, but the truth is that many tubs have space for plants. Think about all the room you have for shower products, and think about how you could replace those products with plants. Those plants have the power to create a fresh and natural atmosphere that will make your showers and baths more enjoyable.

What plants to use to decorate the bathroom

So, you have the ideas, but now you need to know which plants are the best to use to decorate the bathroom. Take a look at this list and choose the one that’s best for you!


Bamboo is one of the plants that does best in humid environments. In addition, it helps to decrease the humidity in the space. It’s important to change the water to keep it fresh.

Anthuriums, crotos and hyacinths

If you want to decorate your bathroom with plants in order to add a pop of color, these are the perfect flowers. One of the advantages is that you don’t have to constantly change their water because they’re ground plants, not vase plants.

In addition, to help their beauty shine even more, we recommend looking for painted, ceramic pots or other colorful pots.

Cacti and succulents

Because of their size, these plants are the best for decorating small spaces. Also, they look great in subtle arrangements that aim to achieve a more rustic aesthetic. 


This is one of the plants that absorbs the most carbon dioxide, and it’s also one of the best indoor plants.
In addition, there are different varieties, but the most common are the Canarian. Also, this plant doesn’t need natural light and, since it’s a climbing species, it makes your decor even more interesting.

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These are some of the most fashionable options if you’re looking to decorate your bathroom with plants. Their large hollowed-out leaves make it a favorite with interior designers.

In addition, they don’t need a lot of natural light and grow well in humidity. 


This type of plant feeds on humidity, so it does really well in the bathroom. In order to keep them healthy, it’s important to spray them with water and to keep them away from direct light.

A hanging planter.


This plant has rigid leaves that have a greenish-yellow color. Those colors add dynamism to your bathroom. One of its greatest benefits is that it helps purify the air and it doesn’t need much light. 

Decorate the bathroom with Orchids

These tropical flowers are very resistant to humidity. And, although they don’t need direct sunlight, they should be near a window. The indoor species are dracula, aerangis, and masdevallia.


Its leaves are a mixture of greens and whites. In addition, since this plant comes from wetlands and tropical forests, it survives well in low-light interiors.


You might not be the queen of gardening, but immersing yourself in the world of plants can be a fascinating challenge. This is especially true when you’re trying to decorate environments that are usually dull, like the bathroom.

After all, nature provides you with a positive and pleasant environment, so that’s one more reason to have plants at home!

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