How to Decorate Your Nails Easily at Home

A woman with her nails done transmits elegance and style. If you want to always have perfect hands without having to spend extra at a beauty salon, follow this advice
How to Decorate Your Nails Easily at Home

Last update: 12 May, 2022

Nail design is popular and fun. Sure, everyone has a different style when it comes to painting and shaping nails. Basically, it all started with the fashion of painting each nail a different color. Yet, today people create marvels with nail varnish. This has led to several different techniques that create incredible results.

Many women are used to painting their nails just one color. This is not a bad thing, but there are many ways of giving your manicure its own style in easy, simple and cheap ways.

What do you need to decorate your nails at home?

We tend to think that a good manicure is only that which we receive at a beauty salon. However, you can create beautiful designs in your own home and get spectacular results for your nails. As well as lots of creativity, you’ll need the following items:

1. Pencils

You can use pencils especially made for nail design. You can also use normal pens, pencils or any other narrow circular object. Equally, you can make your own by attaching a pin to the rubber of a pencil. In this way, you’ll be able to make perfect dots in your manicure.

2. Liquid latez

This product has become a hit in nail design. It gives you the freedom to experiment with paints without causing a disaster. Liquid latex is used to go round the edges of the cuticle and the tips of the nails, avoiding the use of nail varnish remover. It is commonly used for sponge or stamp designs.

3. Strips

These famous colored strips are excellent when you want to make a geometric design. They are perfect for helping you to create defined lines and the famous French nails. And you don’t have to take them off if you don’t want to. An alternative to these strips is to use sticky tape or masking tape. It will also help you to mark out the area that you’re going to paint and so create fantastic geometric designs.

4. Fine brush

This tool is essential for creating freehand nail designs. These brushes are now sold in shops, but you can also make one from a nail varnish brush or any other paintbrush. What you need to do is cut off some strands until the center is very slim.

5. Nail stamps

This is the miracle of nail design. These nail stamps allow you to create all sorts of designs easily and comfortably. Of course, you need a bit of practice to use them correctly. Once you become skillful with them, using them will save you a lot of time and several trips to the beauty salon.

Tips to create awesome designs

Once you have what you need to create your designs, here are some tips that will help you make this task even easier.

  • If you love using jewels on your nails, you can use a pencil to apply them. Use transparent nail varnish or special glue. The pencil will enable you to apply them securely and position them easily.
  • To create designs with lines, you can use a strong bristle brush. Just wet the point of the brush with nail varnish and go over the nail with it. This will create a stripey effect very easily.
  • If you like the watercolor effect, you can recreate it on your nails with the help of a straw. You need to wet it in the nail varnish and then blow it on top of your nails, allowing the paint to fall naturally. You’ll get a very attractive artistic effect.
  • To create the famous gradient design, the only thing you need is a sponge. Apply the nail varnishes of your choice and then apply them to the nail in touches. You can repeat this once if necessary.
  • To create a beautiful, delicate lace design, the only thing you need is a piece of lace and white nail varnish. Position the lace over the nail and apply the nail varnish on top. You can do this with a brush or with a sponge. It will look delicate and effortless.
  • Place your hands in cold water or under the tap for a few minutes. This will make the nail varnish dry much faster.

Now that you know everything you need to give yourself a manicure at home, what are you waiting for to start creating your own designs? Try it!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.