Comatose Relationships Will Destroy You

· April 6, 2017
Comatose relationships are when you find yourself trapped, whether by your own conformity or your fear of facing reality. Be strong and find happiness.

Have you ever lost yourself in a comatose relationship? We’re talking about the ones that get you stuck, that don’t go backwards but also don’t move forward.

They’re relationships that destroy you inside and out.

This kind of bond is the end of you because it drags you down into a state where you feel like you can’t move. It’s like everything in your life stops while you wait for something that’s never going to happen.

You don’t realize how important it is to be assertive in these moments. You need to be conscious of what you deserve, to value yourself, and to not be afraid to let go of the other person.

But why are we often so afraid to do this?

Accepting comatose relationships

No one forces you to lose yourself in a relationship like this, but some way or another, you end up accepting a situation that spirals down and down until it’s impossible to come back up.

Do you want to know what kinds of comatose relationships there are?

Are we a couple or are we friends?

Fear and bad experiences in the past sometimes keep you from talking openly in relationships. This gives rise to doubts and not knowing how to act or move forward.

It’s not a matter of labels, but of knowing what is happening so you can act accordingly.

I can’t live without you

Emotional dependence is one of the most serious problems in today’s world.

If you anxiously look for someone to give you the feeling you’re not alone and need someone to make you happy, then emotional dependence may be your problem.

I don’t want to be with you anymore, but I can’t break the habit and leave you

Many relationships last a long time in spite of the fact that the couple doesn’t want to be together anymore.

This happens when you get used to being together and are afraid to be break free. This situation keeps you from moving forward.

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Relationships that put you in a coma

The three situations above are all real and more common than you think. However, the first one is the most important to pay attention to.

There’s nothing worse in a relationship, no matter what kind, than not knowing what it is.

If you don’t know if you’re a couple or just friends, how do you act? Communication is very important, but in this type of comatose relationship, one of the two is afraid.

Perhaps they’ve been hurt in the past, or just have different intentions.

Sadly, one of you will end up hurt if you have expectations that are created in a “fake” relationship that probably aren’t going to be met.

In the second situation, one of the most dangerous, your happiness ends up being the other person’s burden. It might be one of the hardest relationships to get out of.

The problem isn’t the relationship, but in your way of relating to your partner. It’s a dependency that has come from emotional deficiencies, fears, and trauma.

Depending on another person is the worst thing that can happen. You won’t progress and you’ll get lost in a destructive relationship that’s trying to cover up your needs.

Sometimes, we confuse love with need.

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Learn to let go

All of these relationships have something in common: a fear of letting go. 

This even happens in relationships where there are doubts about what the relationship is, because there’s a one-sided hope that it will become something.

But this situation especially happens in long-term relationships, where habit keeps you from making your own decisions and going your separate ways.

However, the most detrimental part of comatose relationships is that you don’t allow yourself to find someone you can actually be happy with.

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Letting go is hard, and as you get older it becomes even more difficult. The fear of being alone and of never finding anyone else makes you settle.

Have you ever found yourself in a comatose relationship?