From Megan Fox to Dua Lipa: The "Barbiecore" Style Is Trending Among Celebrities

Megan Fox, Dua Lipa, Zendaya and Ryan Gosling are some of the celebrities who have fallen under the spell of the "Barbiecore" style. Learn all about it here!
From Megan Fox to Dua Lipa: The "Barbiecore" Style Is Trending Among Celebrities

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Last update: 22 January, 2024

It’s no surprise that “Barbiecore” has become one of the obsessions of 2023. The recent arrival in theaters of the Barbie movie, directed by Greta Gerwig, has caused celebrities to dazzle with their best outfits in shades of pink in their public appearances and social media photos.

That’s right! This trend has arrived to prove that it is possible to always look stylish, just like the iconic Mattel doll.

The famous fashion show in shades of pink by the renowned Italian fashion house, Valentino, made it clear that the Barbie aesthetic is not a passing fad. And celebrities have not been left behind in adopting this trend either. One example is Megan Fox, who has fully embraced the spirit of the iconic doll by dyeing her hair pink and wearing a mini dress at the presentation of her partner Machine Gun Kelly’s documentary Life in Pink.

On the other hand, Dua Lipa embodies an authentic disco Barbie in her video clip Dance the Night. In it, we can see her wearing a halter top full of glitter, and a metallic miniskirt with a striking leg slit. Her look is a clear statement that, in addition to fuchsia and pastel shades, sequins will also be all the rage.

Want to know more celebrities who have adopted the “Barbiecore”? Keep reading! It is very likely that their style will inspire you and make you want to dare to wear this trend.

What is the “Barbiecore” style?

The “Barbiecore” is a dress code that is based on hyper-femininity and in which the color pink is predominant. It traces its roots to the fashion of the 1990s and early 2000s. Its purpose is to emulate the Barbie doll look, complementing outfits with shiny, gold, and sheer or glittering accessories.

“Barbie entered the beauty and fashion scene in 1959, and has since played an exciting role in influencing personal style across generations, embracing trends and setting them.”

-Kim Culmone, senior vice president and global design director for Barbie and Fashion Dolls.

Pierpaolo Piccioli, the creative director of the prestigious Italian brand, Valentino, is responsible for the furor that pink has sparked in the fashion world. His Fall-Winter 2022 collection, titled PP Pink, became an ode to fuchsia, featuring cut-out designs, impeccable tailoring, and honor dresses with ruffled sleeves.

To his surprise, pink, which was once considered exclusive to women, also conquered even men’s suits.

For its part, Donatella Versace captivates us with its Cruise La Vacanza collection, demonstrating that the “Barbiecore” aesthetic will continue to be a trend for the vacations of 2024. In this proposal, created in collaboration with Dua Lipa, highlights include tight dresses, bodysuits, buckle tops, and printed Bermuda shorts sets that pay homage to the Y2K style. In addition, the fitted silhouettes and metallic touches perfectly capture the essence of the Barbie doll.

This dress code is not entirely new. It has been a favorite trend for Hollywood movie stars like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde or Eve in Lifesize. It has also made its mark in the music world, with Nicki Minaj and Paris Hilton as its main references.

Meet the celebrities who are wearing this trend

The “Barbiecore” aesthetic, arrives at the right time to challenge the stereotype that only blondes, rich and thin can adopt it. Discover how celebrities wear it and find the inspiration you need for your own looks.

Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie, lució un vestido cut-out de lunares de la marca Valentino.

The Barbie movie star dazzled at the photocall for the film in Los Angeles at the Four Seasons Hotel, wearing a polka dot Valentino cut-out dress. According to her stylist, Andrew Mukamal, the outfit, which included a yellow handbag, was an homage to the iconic look of the original doll. White Manolo Blahnik heels and Assael pearls put the finishing touches on a dazzling ensemble.

Cutouts add a touch of sexiness to your style. They also help slim the figure.

Dua Lipa

On countless occasions, the British pop star has proven to be a true Barbie girl. During the premiere of the film, in London, she dazzled while wearing a bright pink printed dress by Versace. To complete the outfit, she pulled her hair into a sleek ponytail and wore earrings and a choker with the iconic Medusa head that characterizes the fashion house.

In case you didn’t know, Lipa plays the mermaid Barbie in the movie.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox y Machine Gun Kelly se suman al Barbiecore.

After a Machine Gun Kelly concert at Madison Square Garden, the American actress wowed everyone with her look: a metallic ensemble composed of a halter top and a tube skirt, with ruched details by Italian brand Andamane.

As accessories, Fox wore a mini bag with crystals by L’Alingi and elegant strappy sandals by Femme LA. However, what attracted the most attention was her straight hair adorned with pink highlights.

Karol G

The Colombian singer dazzled at the world premiere of Barbie, wearing a Pucci signature look. Her outfit consisted of a top in the shape of an inverted long leaf, embroidered with glitter, and a long skirt that combined pastel pink, cream, and orange tones.

In the central area of the waist stood out a gathered, V-shaped, which accentuated her flat stomach.

If we talk about accessories, the singer opted for long earrings and a ring with pink stones. On the other hand, she styled her hair with waves.


Zendaya es una de las grandes referentes del Barbiecore.

Zendaya made a stunning appearance at Valentino’s Fall-Winter 2023 runway show during Paris Fashion Week, wearing a striking fuchsia total look. Her ensemble consisted of a floral overlay suit and an elegant matching long coat. To complete her outfit, she wore platforms of the same color.

As accessories, she opted for chunky rings and chain layering that added a bold touch to her style. As for her makeup, she highlighted her eyes with a graphic eyeliner, while her lips were a nude pink.

Ryan Gosling

The Canadian actor, who plays Ken, dazzled at the world premiere of Barbie in Los Angeles in a pastel pink tailored suit by Gucci. His look also included an unbuttoned pink shirt, white shoes, and a chain with a pendant featuring the letter “E” in the Mattel doll’s signature typography.

His sophisticated and playful style captured the essence of the iconic doll character.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt desmitifica que el Barbiecore es una tendencia solo de mujeres.

Brad Pitt is another male celebrity who demystifies the idea that pink is exclusively for women. During the press tour for the movie Bullet Train, he impressed everyone by wearing a striking bubblegum pink suit, designed by Haans Nicholas Mott. He paired it with a white crew-neck T-shirt and sneakers in shades of pink and orange.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles luciendo la tendencia Barbiecore en Coachella.

In April 2022, British singer Harry Styles, famous for his bold and colorful style, made a splash at the Coachella festival in an outfit by the fashion house Gucci. His look consisted of an extra-long coat and metallic pink vinyl-effect pants.

Sebastian Stan

The actor attended the MET Gala wearing a Valentino outfit. His outfit was highlighted by an oversized oversized jacket which he combined with tailored pants and matching sneakers.

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Do you dare to wear pink?

In the “Barbiecore” style, excesses are absolutely allowed. Although pink is the undisputed protagonist, you can also incorporate fluorescent tones to add a fresh and fun nineties air to your looks.

To wear it to perfection, we suggest you opt for tight-fitting garments that highlight your figure or those that are embroidered with glitter and sequins to add a touch of glamour. As for footwear, platforms and stilettos , will bring elegance and lengthen the silhouette.

In addition, you can’t forget a large pair of sunglasses, to give that touch retro touch so characteristic of Barbie and, of course, a pink manicure to complete the look.

Now that you know these guidelines, do you dare to dress like a real Barbie or Ken and immerse yourself in the magic of this trend?

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