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Lorenzo Javier Pacheco Calderon


An expert in administration and municipal management. He worked for 6 years in administrative areas in different companies. He currently works as a professional editor for different digital media, with an emphasis on health, sports and current affairs.

About the author

Graduated in Municipal Administration and Management from the National Experimental University of the Armed Forces (2018). H e is a specialist in Business Management, with studies in Political Science from the University of Zulia and courses in writing for social networks. For 6 years he worked in administrative areas, and was also responsible for coordinating the fiscal commitments of various entities in his country.

In addition, he had the responsibility of guiding the creation of the company Epsilon Software & Solutions, as part of a venture founded in 2017. He has several years of experience as a professional writer, with an emphasis on topics related to health, wellness, and sport. He likes to monitor events of social interest and their implications on our society.

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