The Amazing Curative Powers of Celery

· August 21, 2014

Celery, along with parsley and fennel, are plants that make up part of the Apiaceae family. For centuries, celery has been used by different cultures as a basis for natural medicine. That’s why its consumption has become very popular and it has been used as a key ingredient in many current medicinal prescriptions.

Next, we will tell you about some of the benefits that this vegetable can offer you to care for your health:

  • – It’s a vegetable with great nutritional properties because it contains vitamins from the A, B, E, and C groups. It also possess minerals that are essential for your body like iron, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, sulfur, copper, aluminum, and magnesium.
  • – Drinking a celery infusion every day helps prevent high blood pressure and menstrual pains, as well as high cholesterol levels. Drinking it warm and consistently cures aphonia or voice loss problems.
  •  – Celery seeds possess essential oils (limonene and selinene) and the root contains asparagine. These components have a cleansing and diuretic effect. Thanks to the oils it possesses, it has a dilating effect on the renal vessels and therefore stimulates the body in eliminating impurities and extra liquids, balancing vital functioning.
  • – It is very effective for treating gallbladder and kidney stones since it collaborates with natural elimination of gravel stones. It is also very effective for liver diseases.
  • – It may be very beneficial for circulation problems because if you consume it on a regular basis, it helps notably reduce your blood’s cholesterol level, eliminate uric acid, prevent heart conditions, and fight high blood pressure.
  •  Thanks to its flavonoid content, celery is recommended for treating articulation problems. Flavonoids have an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant function, and they stimulate immunity. If all of that adds silicon, there is an increase in production and renovation of joint and conjunctive tissue. 
  • – You will get noticeable relief in inflammation caused by gout, rheumatism, and arthritis since – as we mentioned before – this plant works with the elimination of uric acid, the main cause of these sicknesses.


  • – Dry, ground celery plant is very useful for curing mouth ulcers and gum problems. You just need to use it as a mouth rinse two or three times a week.
  • – For the little ones in the house, boiled celery (a very small handful) in a liter of water and eaten after every meal helps create a good appetite.
  • – As an ingredient in meals and salads, this vegetable helps strengthen, regulate, and keep the intestine healthy, which collaborates in digestion and constipation problems.
  • – Juice or celery concentrates have two special properties that are very well-known worldwide: a relaxer and aphrodisiac. Drinking a glass of celery juice a day creates a calming and anti-stress effect, and will help create a big sexual desire in case of low libido.
  • – Celery poultices (which are no more than this vegetable crushed with a small amount of water into a purée) are great healers and disinfectants for wounds and open sores.  You should only put it on for approximately fifteen minutes, three times a day.
  • Now you know that including this vegetable in your daily diet will be hugely beneficial for maintaining your own health as well as that of your family’s. It will also prevent various general illnesses. Therefore, instead of treating all these sicknesses with chemicals, by using this information, you will be able to cure a lot of them effectively with a natural and organic product.

Don’t wait to incorporate celery everyday in your house, whether you use it as a dish or as a base in the different preparations that we showed you!