Pomegranate juice - seven amazing benefits

Frequent consumption of pomegranate juice can help prevent multiple ailments and promotes proper blood circulation.
Pomegranate juice - seven amazing benefits
Elisa Morales Lupayante

Written and verified by the pedagogue in physical education and nutritionist Elisa Morales Lupayante.

Last update: 15 December, 2022

Drinking natural juices is good for our health. You’ve probably already read or heard this statement. One that’s good from among them is Pomegranate juice.

However, while all fruits are nutritious, some have their own”special power”. In this article, we’ll tell you about the benefits of pomegranate juice.

You’ll want to start drinking it!


A red fruit.

The tree that gives us this rich fruit is the pomegranate tree, which blooms between April and June and can grow up to 3 meters high.

The fruit is originally from Asia but also appears in places near the Mediterranean Sea (such as the Canary Islands), South America, Australia, and South Africa.

Traces of pomegranates being used in villages in desert areas have been found since they could be preserved for a long time.

For example, in Greece, people say Aphrodite planted the first pomegranate tree. In Java, people use this fruit in pregnancy rituals and in China they offer it to newlyweds as a sign of wishing they’ll have many children.

What are the benefits of pomegranate juice?

After all this information, we’re sure that you feel like eating a delicious and sweet pomegranate. You can also take advantage of the properties of its juice.

This super fruit is very nutritious because it gives us minerals (calcium, iron, and potassium), vitamins (A, C and E, in addition to B5) and contains a lot of fiber.

Among the benefits of pomegranate juice are:

1. Treatment to relieve symptoms of chemotherapy

Even though it’s not a cure for cancer, this fruit can help improve some symptoms. This is why it’s a great complement to conventional treatments.

According to research conducted by the Universidad de Ciencias Médicas Tabriz in Iran, the consumption of pomegranate juice helps inhibit the growth of cancer cells that cause prostate cancer and, in turn, reduce the risk of death from this sickness.

While human studies are limited and insufficient, for now, the evidence is encouraging for the development of future treatments.

2. Pomegranate juice has cleansing effects

Pomegranate juice is very good for the liver because it strengthens it and helps eliminate toxins. This is due to its high content of citric acid, potassium, and water that also favor the elimination of fluids and proper renal functioning. This according to this study by the American Society of Nephrology, which suggests that pomegranate would help dialysis patients.

It is advisable in people with hyperuricemia or kidney stones.

3. Anti-stress qualities

Drinking pomegranate juice in the morning on an empty stomach increases positive emotions, vitality and focus. It also reduces anxiety and stress. Moreover, it may help with cases of insomnia or chronic fatigue and helps us to get rid of stress.

4. Pomegranate juice is a cardiac protector

Drinking pomegranate juice several times a week reduces blood cholesterol levels and prevents the onset of some diseases.

It also decreases the risk of atherosclerosis. Moreover, pomegranates prevent the formation of atheromatous plaque on the walls of the arteries.

After two weeks of drinking pomegranate juice daily, volunteers from a study conducted at the University of Naples in Italy had a systolic pressure of 5% less.

Because it’s high in potassium, pomegranate juice is perfect for those with high blood pressure. It also contains nitric oxide that relaxes muscles, allows vasodilation and regulates blood flow.

5. Neuroprotection

The University of Washington (USA) concluded that when pregnant women consume pomegranate juice, this protects the fetus from suffering possible complications.

This, especially in premature babies as they may not be able to receive enough blood flow or oxygen to its brain.

It seems that pomegranate juice reduces brain damage and even neurological dysfunctions like Alzheimer’s.

6. Pomegranate juice helps you lose weight

Both the fruit and the juice help people to lose weight. They’re a perfect supplement for those who are on a diet, because they eliminate accumulated toxins, have diuretic effects (according to this study by University of Tehran), it’s satiating and energizing.

7. It’s antiviral

Two cups of red drink.

Thanks to its great number of antioxidants, pomegranate juice reinforces the immune system and helps you deal with the flu, colds, and infections.

More benefits

Of course, pomegranates (and their juice) have more properties. Some of them are:

As you can see, this fruit is a great complement to your diet and it can also help you maintain your good health. It’s never too late to start enjoying pomegranate juice!

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