The Amazing Benefits of Going Braless

Although it’s an essential undergarment for most women, the truth is that going braless could have a lot more benefits for your health.

If there’s one thing that many women will agree upon, it’s this: there is no better feeling at the end of the day when you get home and can get rid of that oppressive bra.

Even if it’s a good bra, no doubt you’ve felt more than one pinch or had it rub uncomfortably while you wore it. That’s why it feels so good to take it off.

Have you ever wondered what going braless for a day would feel like? Maybe you should try it.

Today we want to give you a few reasons for why not wearing a bra might be a good idea.

Bras don’t do anything to benefit your breasts


Perhaps you, like many women, have the mistaken belief that your bra will prevent your breasts from sagging over the years, compared to the effects of not wearing a bra.

If this is the case with you, we’re sorry to tell you that it actually has the opposite effect. The tissues of the breast tend to grow weaker due to constant bra use. As you get older, they start to become less firm.

Furthermore, there’s no evidence to suggest that bras provide any benefit to your overall health or to the appearance of your breasts.

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Not wearing a bra improves your circulation

This should be kind of obvious whenever you take off your bra, because you’re removing that band that constricts your chest.

Remember that having better circulation is equivalent to many health benefits, including improved heart condition and having firmer, healthier skin.

Is wearing that bra more important than your circulation? Of course it isn’t.

Your breasts will be more “perky”

Women who choose not to wear a bra have nipples that are on average about 5 to 7 mm higher than those who wear a bra.

Therefore, the following correlation could be made: higher nipples = perkier breasts.

It’s also possible that when you wear a bra for long periods of time or that are made of a particular fabric, your nipples react negatively.

This explains why many women complain of having irritation and tenderness in the breast area.

You’ll feel much better


Why not enjoy that comfort that you feel at the end of the day all day long and just decide not to wear a bra?

If you’re worried about how obvious it will be, one solution is to choose clothes that have a built in shelf bra.

This will provide the benefit of the support of a bra without pressure or discomfort.

Going braless gives you the opportunity to learn more about your breasts

Going braless for an entire day could give you the perfect opportunity to interact better with your breasts. This is more difficult if they’re confined beneath several layers of fabric for the better part of the day.

Remember that you should perform regular breast self-exams. This is something that many women tend to ignore, giving them much less attention than they deserve.

You could also make an appointment for a mammogram, turning your intention into action.

It’s important to know that regular mammograms help reduce mortality rates due to breast cancer by 25 to 30%.

This is because they can identify tumors that you may not be able to detect during your self-exam.

You should have this test performed once a year once you reach the age of 40.

Wearing a bra to sleep could be connected with breast problems

In addition to the fact that sleeping in a bra is really uncomfortable, it also increases your risk of developing breast cancer by a terrifying 125%.

It’s been proven that women who have suffered from breast cancer more than likely wore a bra more than 12 hours a day and even slept in it.

When you wear a bra for that amount of time, it doesn’t allow your breasts to eliminate toxins through the lymph nodes, causing fluid build up and tenderness in the breast tissues, as well as the formation of cysts.

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Skin fungus


A hot and humid place is the perfect place for the growth of fungi. Wearing a bra that fits poorly or even wearing it for too long can cause the appearance of skin fungus.

This problem is more common if you live in a warm area and have large breasts. The less time you wear your bra, the less likely you will be to see these fungi appear.

You need to let your skin breathe. This can also help you avoid suffering from skin irritation, poor circulation, and hyperpigmentation or splotchy skin.

Remember that all breasts are different, and using or not using a bra is a decision between you and your breasts.

Going braless is only recommended if you feel comfortable doing it; some women feel too exposed.

The opposite could happen, however. It all comes down to your preference, so give it a try and see how you like it.

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