The Advantages of Fabric Closets

This article lists and explains the advantages of fabric closets, as well as their main features and care. Don't miss it!
The Advantages of Fabric Closets

Last update: 20 March, 2023

There are several big advantages of fabric closets in relation to cost, assembly, location, storage capacity, and cleaning of the same. Of course, everything depends on the use and function you want to give them.

In this article, we will tell you a little more about the benefits of this versatile piece I’d furniture, as well as how to care for and maintain them to make the most of them.

Fabric closets: What are they?

In many languages, the word “closet” derives from the words “to assemble”, implying that this is an element that can be assembled. However, what defines it is the fact that it’s used to store clothes and other objects, according to the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy.

Now, when talking about this type of furniture, most people probably think of a large wooden wardrobe with doors and mirrors. They may even think of models that are built into the wall.

However, today, many closets are made of various materials, including metal, plastic or wood products, such as MDF or melamine. In particular, there are also fabric closets, whose frame can be made of metal rods.

Among the characteristics of the latter, we can highlight the following:

  • They have various compartments for storing clothes or other objects, depending on how strong or resistant they are.
  • Some of them have front zipper or roll-up doors, so they help to protect from dust.
  • They come in a variety of models and sizes, adaptable to the space or need of the people.
  • They can be made of canvas, cotton, synthetic or plastic, among others.
  • Finally, they’re usually washable (at least the fabric part is).

In fact, some tall fabric closets can be purchased that have a bar for longer garments, such as dresses, pants, or jackets. There are also organizers with dividers designed to store towels and sheets, place shoes or hats, caps or other small items (such as scarves, socks, underwear), as well as belts.

Armario en la pared.
Closets can be very different from each other. The availability of space is a fundamental factor in choosing the right one for each home.

The advantages of fabric closets

However hard we may try to organize objects in the different spaces of the house, it often never seems like we have enough space. In this regard, there are many advantages that fabric cabinets provide. Let’s take a closer look.

1. They take up very little space

Although there are various sizes, some fabric closets are usually small or narrow (from 60 centimeters wide). This is a great advantage compared to wooden ones, which are usually larger.

There are even fabric closets designed to make even more use of the space inside the closet. In this way, they constitute storage strategies for small pieces.

2. Fabric closets are versatile

In the same vein, another advantage of fabric closets is that they can be placed almost anywhere in the house, from the bedroom to the bathroom. For example, you can have one for clothes just out of the dryer, which would also help tidy up the laundry room.

3. They’re discreet

Because you can choose from a variety of models and colors, they don’t clash, but rather fit in with the decor. Some also come in bolder designs, depending on your particular taste.

4. Everything has its place in fabric closets

The main reason to buy another closet at home is that it allows to have in one place the objects that, if scattered, would not only create an impression of disarray, but would be more difficult to locate.

5. Fabric closets are great for saving time

Being a very effective resource to maintain order, they also help us to save time and effort. For example, they’re great when getting dressed for work.

6. They’re a good second option

If what we need is extra storage to clear the main one, especially to store items we don’t need right away, a fabric closet comes in very handy.

7. They’re great for the bathroom

We also need to store things in the bathroom, like:

These closets are a great way to do this.

8. You can have fabric closets in the kitchen

Another space where it’s possible to take advantage of a fabric cabinet is the kitchen. You can use then to place gloves for holding hot pots and paper napkins, among other items.

9. They can be used in a sewing workshop

In a cutting and sewing workshop you can have such a cabinet for storing patterns, as well as for scraps of fabric, threads and other tools.

10. They’re great shoe racks

Fabric closets are also a good alternative for shoes. This is even more the case if it’s an open cloth closet and the running shoes are kept there, since they will dry faster, avoiding various health problems.

It should be noted that, according to research, humidity and heat from not drying the feet or shoes are factors that may predispose to suffer from tinea pedis or athlete’s foot.

11. They’re light

Fabric closets weigh much less than wooden furniture. So, you can easily move them around the room if you need to clean. And you won’t scratch the floor when you do this.

12. Fabric closets are easy to transport

Every time you move, you find that wooden cabinets are an additional problem when you want to take them down a staircase or put them in the car. But this is not the case with fabric cabinets.

13. They protect your objects

As well as allowing us to tidy up, they help to protect objects from dust or other elements, as well as from naughty pets.

14. They’re budget-friendly

One of the biggest advantages of fabric cabinets is that their price is usually relatively low, since the materials are cheaper. Their cost can be up to 20% of that of a wood closet.

15. They’re easy to assemble

Some of this furniture is sold ready to use; others come disassembled for easier transport. However, the assembly process isn’t hard.

16. They’re easy to clean

Fabric closets are usually washable, so you can disassemble them to wash them in a machine. Then, you simply clean the frame with a sponge.

17. They can help reduce mold

According to the University of Florida, both the inside and the back wall of closets is a space where little air circulates, so it’s common for mold and mildew to develop there. However, the fact that fabric closets are easy to clean, ventilate, and move around helps prevent this problem from occurring.

18. Kids love them

Children tend to like fabric closets, particularly those that come in bright designs. These are more colorful and go well with kid’s rooms – much more than traditional wooden furniture.

19. You can store them when they’re not in use

If you do not need the closet for a while, you can disassemble or fold it, depending on the model, and store it. In this way, it won’t be taking up space.

20. Fabric closets are strong and durable

Despite their fragile appearance, fabric cabinets are often quite durable. The frame materials can resist rust and moisture, although this depends on how you use them.

Organizador de tela dentro de un armario común.
An interesting option is to include fabric organizers inside the regular cabinets you already have.

How to care for fabric closets

Despite their versatility and several advantages, you must take care of fabric cabinets so that they last longer and fulfill their functions to the fullest. For this purpose, take the following into account:

  • Do not exceed the maximum weight, i.e., do not store too large or heavy objects inside.
  • In the case of those with zippers, handle them with care and without opening them abruptly.
  • Do not introduce wet or sweaty clothes to prevent bad smells inside the closet.
  • Avoid placing sharp objects, such as scissors. If you do, it’s best that they have a cover.
  • Don’t forget to empty them, move them, air them out and wash them frequently to reduce the chances of mildew.

Good housekeeping and fabric closets

Cloth closets, as you have seen, can be great allies. They can help to save costs, space, and even time and energy when looking for something you need.

But you can’t forget that maintaining good order in the house depends on your attitude. You must avoid disorder at all costs, as this is a factor that disturbs the harmony of the home.

Whether you have fabric or wooden closets, the important thing is to clean them regularly, as well as the objects inside to prevent the accumulation of dust and dust mites.

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