8 Incredible Things Raw Potato Juice Can Do for Your Body

· May 17, 2017
Did you know raw potato juice can fight inflammation, give you energy, and strengthen your immune system? All you have to do is take it twice a day to enjoy the benefits!

Potatoes are the most eaten garden vegetable in the world, not just because of their versatility in the kitchen but also because they’re a source of essential nutrients that are very beneficial to your body.

Potatoes have a 75% water content, but also contain starches, antioxidants, and a multitude of other substances that give them some remarkable properties.

As for their culinary applications, they’re usually used cooked, whether in soups or mashed or in any of an infinite number of recipes.

However, medicinally, this great vegetable can be used raw as a juice, since this is the best way to maximize its powers.

In fact, it is already a part of many people’s diets because it’s a great way to prevent and treat many kinds of illnesses.

Since many are unaware of what raw potato is good for, we’ll share 8 of its best uses with you in this article.

1. It has anti-inflammatory properties

Natural raw potato juice contains powerful anti-inflammatory compounds that make it a natural remedy for muscle and joint pain.

Adding it to your diet will manage imbalances in your body’s inflammatory process while having a pain-relieving effect that will bring relief.

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2. It stimulates detoxification

The antioxidants in raw potato juice are good at stimulating the removal of waste that builds up in your liver, colon, and kidneys.

Its fiber, vitamins, and essential minerals improve the processes that are in charge of filtering toxins out of your blood.

The juice is also cholesterol-free and encourages good circulation in your body, which is a key to preventing premature aging.

3. It strengthens your immune system

Raw potato juice is naturally alkaline and, once absorbed, it manages blood sugar levels.

These properties balance your body’s natural pH and lower your risk of chronic illnesses that acidic environments contribute to.

It also contains significant amounts of vitamin C, a nutrient associated with the construction and strengthening of your immune system.

That means that your risk of getting an infection like a cold or the flu go down.

4. It fights gout

Having two cups of raw potato juice every day is a useful remedy for people with uric acid crystals built up in their joints.

The antioxidants stimulate the cleansing of this substance out of your body, thus preventing it from causing inflammation and pain.

And since it promotes the purification of your kidneys, consuming raw potato juice keeps kidney stones and blockages from forming.

5. It fights indigestion

You can find relief from both indigestion and acid reflux with just a little raw potato juice.

All you need is a few tablespoons after each meal to help with:

  • That heavy feeling in your stomach,
  • Excessive production of stomach acids,
  • Inflammation.

Many people actually use it as an alternative treatment for gastritis, flatulence, and stomach ulcers.

6. It supports cardiovascular health

Because of its ability to improve blood circulation and regulate cholesterol levels, raw potato juice is also great for your cardiovascular health.

Consuming it will lower inflammation, help your heart do its job, and lower your risk of chronic conditions like hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

7. It gives you energy

People who have a small amount of raw potato juice have better physical and mental performance during the day.

The starch and fiber increase calorie-burning and contribute to better productivity.

8. It fights dandruff

Applying raw potato juice directly to your scalp is actually an effective way to fight the yeast that leads to dandruff.

Its anti-fungal property inhibits the growth of fungus, regulates pH levels, and encourages the deep cleaning of your scalp.

At the same time, it gives your hair the nutrients it needs for healthy growth and shine.

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How can I make raw potato juice at home?

All you need to make this fresh juice is two or three ripe potatoes, free of any buds or black spots, as these can be harmful due to their solanine content.


  • 3 potatoes
  • 1 cup of water (200 ml)


  • Peel the potatoes, cut into several pieces, and blend with the cup of water in a blender.
  • Once all lumps are gone, divide into two doses and drink in the morning and at night.
  • Optionally, you can use a juicer in order to avoid having to add water.

As you can see, raw potato juice is an effective solution for many different health problems. Keep this unique juice in mind and give it a try!