Detox Emotionally with 5 Healthy Strategies

· December 18, 2017
Keeping everything you feel inside and being unable to detox emotionally may end up in an explosion and you letting your frustration out in the worst way possible.

Are you always tired? Do you have anxiety? Maybe you should learn some strategies to detox emotionally.

Sometimes we don’t manage our emotions well and instead of letting them out, we bottle them up.

Emotions come and they go. But a lot of times we keep them in and overthink, getting stressed out and anxious, afraid of what might be awaiting us around the bend.

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Today you’ll learn 5 strategies to detox emotionally and release that weight that you’ve been carrying around for so long and that is making you so unhappy.

1. Mindful breathing to detox emotionally

It may seem silly, but how often are you conscious of your breathing? Giving yourself a minute to observe your own breathing will help cleanse and heal your emotions.

  • Pick a time of day when you won’t be bothered.
  • Close your eyes and feel yourself breathe. Concentrate on the movement of your belly or chest.
  • Then focus on the air entering and leaving your nose.

Feel the cool air come in and the hot air come out. Notice how you are relaxing and how you’re aware of something that you’re always doing without paying any attention.

2. Recharge your positive energy

Find time for yourself, a time you can take out of your day just for you, to recharge your positive energy after cleansing your emotions through mindful breathing.

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A walk in nature, reading a book, or watching a positive documentary will help you recharge, give you motivation, and provide you the strength you need to move forward with energy.

Did you know about this other way of recharging your positive energy? It’s talking to yourself, out loud, and saying things like, “come on, I can do it”, “I will do it now”, “that’s a great idea.”

3. Don’t hold yourself back

We are taught certain behaviors that, as it turns out, are bad for us emotionally.

  • For example, holding in your tears, not saying what you think out of a fear of rejection, not talking to your boss because she’s your superior.

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  • All of this means you’re not letting your feelings out. You can always say what your emotions want to express, in the right way and respectfully.

So don’t hold yourself back. You need this. Put these three strategies into practice right now to begin detoxing yourself emotionally.

4. Write down what you’re feeling

If you don’t think you can let things out by saying them face-to-face to someone, even in the most respectful way possible, then you can write it down.

  • Writing is wonderful therapy. It allows you to come back to your past notes and see how far you’ve come, as well as when you’ve had setbacks, to observe your situation from another perspective.
  • Don’t restrict yourself or think you’re writing down nonsense. Let your hand slide over the page and express everything you have inside.

It will be very liberating and it will help you detox emotionally.

5. Practice mindfulness to detox emotionally

You may think the point above about breathing mindfully is the same as this one, but mindfulness actually encompasses a lot more.

Mindfulness is a practice you can do even while washing the dishes; it’s something that allows you to be conscious of the present moment. But it also helps you look at your own thoughts.

Thoughts have a major impact on your emotions and may be affecting you more than they should. What are you holding on to? What fears do you have? Are the worries you’re harboring doing anything for you?

This practice will help you put the above strategies into practice to detox emotionally and be more free.

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All of these strategies to detox emotionally are very important. The consequences of not doing it could be explosions of anger, which as you know, can really damage relationships.

This way you’ll be managing your feelings better. It’s of the utmost importance if you want to be happier and have better relationships with the people around you.

Practice mindfulness, take time to reflect, and put the rest of the strategies we talked about into practice. Detox emotionally and release that weight you’ve been carrying around for too long.