Do You Still Believe These 5 Myths About Sex?

· February 3, 2017
There are many myths about sex that are based on social stereotypes. However, we can't say that they are 100% wrong, since they may on occasion be true.

We think that our views about sex aren’t conditioned, but there are still a number of myths about sex that persist subconsciously in our minds.

This affects our relationships, how we perceive the person who we have a loving relationship with, how couples really act with each other, and so on.

What can we do? The first thing we can do is recognize and identify each of the myths about sex that exist. After this we do this we can get rid of them.

You will be amazed by the many beliefs that we still believe are real.

1. Men are more unfaithful


Are men truly unfaithful? We believe that men have an excessively high libido, which favors them being more susceptible to being unfaithful.

However, this is false. Although we believe that humans are naturally monogamous, this isn’t the truth. Even if we choose to be with only one partner, we may wish to have relationships with others.

This reality has led to open relationships and many more freedoms that allow us to unleash our most natural instincts.

Are there differences in terms of men and women? The truth is there isn’t. All this depends on how we see relationships, how we view cheating and what we consider to be right or wrong.

2. Porn is made for men

How many times have we asked a woman if she watches porn and she has said that she doesn’t? A similar case is when we ask her whether she masturbates.

This myth arose because men have no problem, sometimes, in confirming that they enjoy porn. Instead, women keep this a secret.

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Porn is made for both all genders and anyone can enjoy a pornographic film.

In addition, today, there are multiple varieties to choose from so you can watch porn that excites you the most. Some even have a story so that the situation doesn’t appear cold and unreal.

3. Aphrodisiacs stimulate your sexual desire


Science has found no evidence that any food or drink can stimulate sexual desire.

Chocolate, strawberries, etc. These types of food have always been considered as aphrodisiacs that help us to increase the passion in our sexual relationships and our sex drive.

However, this isn’t true. These foods only give us a placebo effect. We believe that they increase our sex drive, so then they have the desired effect when we take them.

But this effect isn’t because of the food, but our own mind.

4. Men look for sex in a relationship and women look for love

There are also women who seek only sex and men who seek only love in a relationship. Everyone has different needs. That’s why we shouldn’t make generalizations about what men and women seek in a relationship.

We have always believed that men only want sex because we believe that they’re more inclined to cheat on their partner.

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Both men and women can have the desire to have casual sex, to seek love, to just have a relationship based on sex, and so on.

Everything depends on personal circumstances, experiences, and preferences, and not on gender.

5. Big hands = large member


People always say we should look at a man’s hands to determine the size of his package. This is still a popular myth today.

If a man has big hands this doesn’t mean he is well endowed. What’s more, you may be surprised.

The penis is like women’s breasts. Our body size, the size of our hands and our weight are not important when it comes to the sizes of these body parts.

Size has nothing to do with this, so don’t believe this myth!

Have you believed any of these myths about sex? We’ve all found ourselves believing that they were true. Now that you know they’re false, it’s time to remove them from our minds!

Myths about sex are just that. We’re not aware of the harm they can do until they affect relationships and our way of seeing others.

If you know some myths about sex, share them with us!