5 Amazing Ways Drinking Water Affects Your Brain

· June 15, 2017
Put a bottle of water in your bag and drink it over the course of the day. Don't force yourself to drink 8 glasses every day. Just make sure that you're always hydrated. Making this small daily effort is worth it.

Often, people drink this vital resource thinking about their kidneys, liver, and even their heart. However, water and brain function are more related than you might think. 

Your brain is the organ that needs the most energy.  In fact, it’s 75% water. It needs this basic, amazing substance so that it can keep functioning.

You should drink between 7 to 8 glasses of water per day. But beyond that, it’s better if you don’t set a goal you must meet. This is because each body has different needs based on its activity levels.

The best thing is to keep yourself hydrated through the day. To do this, nothing is better than drinking small sips of water every hour. This way, you don’t get tired, or gorge yourself on water.

Doing this will harmonize your body from the inside out.

In this article, we want to tell you the amazing effects something as easy as drinking water has on your brain.

1. Your brain will work faster

Your brain needs the right amount of hydration to work correctly. The cells in this organ need a delicate, precise balance between water and other elements to work like it should.

There is something we should be conscious of: you need to drink water when you wake up.

This is the moment of the day in which your brain cells need the hydration that only water can give you.

You’ve spent 7 to 9 hours sleeping. Even though you haven’t sweat, this doesn’t mean you haven’t lost water.

In each deep breath, you get rid of moisture. Plus, the accumulative effect causes your brain to be dehydrated in the morning.

You can make your brain work at optimum capacity. You only need to drink a glass of water and eat delicious fruit for breakfast.

2. You’ll increase your concentration

People don’t usually notice dehydration. They only notice it in extreme cases. You notice the red flags when dizziness or dry skin appear.

However, your brain is the first to realize this. You lose your attention. Your brain conserves its resources. Your memory loses its agility. It becomes more difficult to concentrate and you don’t react as quickly to stimuli.

It’s still true that drinking coffee or tea can also help you. However, you shouldn’t drink these drinks constantly through the day.

You need to drink a sip of water every 45 minutes. This is the amount of time in which your attention span starts to decline.

As a remedy, nothing is better than a little water.

3. It helps balance your mood and your emotions

It may seem odd to relate water with your mental health.

However, we all know that watching the sea relaxes you. After all you feel the wind, you hear its roar, and you breathe its salty air.

Your emotions aren’t only effected by seeing water. Your emotional world is also affected by drinking water.

This happens very easily: you increase your brain’s temperature, get rid of toxins and dead cells. It also balances your chemical processes to cause a kind of “mental restart”.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should look for an immediate, effective treatment. (For instance, drinking two glasses in a row.)

You need to do what we told you earlier: stay hydrated. You should drink small sips. This way, your cells will stay active and find a good balance. This balance will regulate your stress and anxiety.

4. Drinking water will help you sleep better

It’s possible that drinking a glass of water before bed will make you have to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.

However, you should get used to this easy routine. Even if it’s just half a glass, drinking it before going to bed helps you get a much healthier sleep.

Water increases the blood flow to your brain. This increases your brains oxygenation and hydration. It also calms your brain.

At the same time, you can’t forget that water gets rid of your brain’s waste substances. This work is necessary to make sure your brain has a basic balance.

Put this in practice today. Discover if it helps you sleep a little better.

5. Your memory will improve if you drink water during the day

You can’t forget that, no matter how slight your dehydration is, it instantly causes a homeostatic imbalance. In other words, it starts a series of dysfunctions. These affect many basic areas of your survival.

One of these consequences is reduced cognitive agility: this makes it harder to memorize things, infer information make conclusions, and make long term memories.

So, keep this tip in mind: put a bottle of water in your bag and drink it over the course of the day. Don’t force yourself to drink 8 glasses every day. Just make sure that you’re always hydrated.

Making this small daily effort is worth it.