12 Home Remedies to Naturally Control Fatigue

· September 3, 2017
Even though it may seem like a contradiction, exercising can be a great way to fight fatigue since it helps activate your metabolism and improves your mood. Try it!

Fatigue can have multiple causes, both internal and external. 

Those who suffer from it often feel like those around them at work and at home don’t understand what they are going through because they don’t see it a chronic tiredness.

In this article, we will share 12 remedies that will control fatigue through food and other natural methods. 

What is the cause?

There are days that we feel tired because we have a lot on our minds or we have more work than normal, because we did not sleep well, or any other possible reason.

However, for some people fatigue is a daily thing that can be the result of other unknown factors:

  • Do you digest gluten well? There are many people that don’t know it, but even though they don’t have celiac’s disease, they still do not digest gluten properly. Gluten is the protein found in grains like wheat, barley and rye.
  • How is your liver: a liver that is being overworked or that isn’t functioning correctly can also be the cause of fatigue.
  • Pay attention to your kidneys: According to traditional Chinese medicine, the kidneys regulate the body’s energy.
  • Weak thyroid: those who suffer from having a hyperactive thyroid or have a predisposition to suffer from this illness are also likely to suffer from fatigue and a lack of energy for no reason.
  • Insomnia? It’s obvious that if we don’t sleep well at night, even if we are laying down for many hours, the body cannot recover lost energy and we wake up even more tired than we were when we went to bed. 

Remedies to fight fatigue

1. Home made juices

Juices made at home with fruits and vegetables are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals that give us great vitality.

2. Smoothies

Smoothies keep you more full than juices since they contain a lot of fiber.

Also, you can add cereal, dried fruit, vegetable juices, seeds and supplements to them. 

3. Magnesium

This mineral is related to the body’s energy as well as to the function of muscles. To get enough of it, you should eat foods rich in magnesium or it can be taken as a supplement.

4. Oats

Oats deserve their own section in this article since they are a carbohydrate that vitalizes the body, but that you can still eat even when you are trying to lose weight since it contains a lot of fiber and is very filling.

Also, they regulate the nervous system and help us to control disorders like nervousness and anxiety.

5. Ginseng supplement

Ginseng is always great to have at your disposal and can be taken when you need an extra boost of energy to fight fatigue.

However, you should not take it continuously for a large period of time.

6. Cinnamon and honey

We can mix honey with cinnamon from Ceylon into a powder and take a teaspoon of it every morning.

Cinnamon stimulates our body, among many other great properties, and the honey is a nutritious food that helps energize our bodies quickly.

7. Reduce salt

Salts robs our body of energy and makes us feel more tired. Because of this, aside from eating certain foods that give us energy, we should also eliminate those that take it away from us.

Consume salt in small quantities and always choose sea salt. 

8. Protein

We need good sources of protein in order to fight fatigue, and not only animal protein. Here we have great sources of vegetable protein:

9. Drink water

We said that our kidneys are related to our energy levels. Because of this, drinking enough water during the day can also help us put an end to fatigue.

10. Whole grain foods

Refined foods are a danger to our health, they make our bodies accumulate toxins and progressively weaken us.

On the other hand, whole grain foods, rich in fiber, are very nutritious and give us vitality.

11. Maca

Maca is an Andean plant considered to be a superfood. It is rich in nutrients and acts as a stimulant, aphrodisiac, and hormone regulator.

12. Exercise

The best way to overcome fatigue is to overexert ourselves through exercise, even if it takes a lot more out of us than it would another person.

By doing this, we gradually activate our metabolism at the same time that we are improving our mood. This will make us want to continue to be more active in the future.

We should exercise at medium intensity, at least, twice a week.