The Return of Flared Jeans

In order to really make these pants from the 60's work, you should understand the basic rules of wearing them. Keep in mind some of these tips!
The Return of Flared Jeans

Last update: 26 May, 2022

Every so often, current fashion trends include an element from the past and have given them a new twist. This is the case with flared jeans, which were very typical in the 1960s.

Do you remember that they also came back in style at the start of the millennium? Well, they’ve come back again. The fashion runways in the fall and winter of 2017 were the stage of return for this style, with a few adjustments.

So, for the start of 2018, all of the store windows had mannequins with flared jeans. The high cut of the pants and the wideness of the boot are the same. They have just changed the sewing details to highlight the figure.

The return of bell-bottom jeans

flared jeans

Flared jeans – or bell-bottom jeans- were created by the fashion designer Mary Quant in the 60’s. This designer also boosted the popularity of the mini-skirt during this decade, which marked a historic trend.

By the 70s, bell-bottoms could be found in everyone’s closet. Both men and women worse this style so they wouldn’t clash with the current trends. No one could escape this piece of clothing.

The wider the bell-bottoms, the bolder the person who wore them. They also took full advantage of vivid colors and psychedelic stamps. Even today, they’re still a symbol of boldness and style.

Of course, there were also unicolor bell-bottom jeans. They were also made of corduroy instead of jean material.

Style your figure

The style specialist at Macy’s department store, Martha Gil de Montes, believes that flared jeans give us a better silhouette. 

Also, this article of clothing goes very well with tops that have tight sleeves (blouses, sweaters, jackets and button downs).

These pants, without a doubt, are very practical and very comfortable. Since the pant starts at the waist, it stylizes and makes your figure more pronounced.

Plus, since the flare starts at the knees, you look taller. The flared jean’s illusion of looking taller is accentuated if you wear them with heels. That way, everyone will see your legs as longer.

In order to really make these pants from the 60’s work, you should understand the basic rules of wearing them. Keep in mind some of these tips!

Show them off

Show off your jeans

There are two basic rules for wearing flared jeans that will help you sport them with confidence and a lot of style.

  1. You should always wear them with high heels.
  2. They look better with blouses with tight sleeves. 

Preferably, the heels should be wedge or platform to keep the bell from getting caught. If you don’t wear high heels with them, the cuff will drag along the floor and they won’t move like they should.

  • Shoes are an important accessory that we shouldn’t underestimate.
  • Meanwhile, the shirt is the second piece of clothing that adds a lot of points to a good look with bell bottom jeans. It should have narrow sleeves that doesn’t make your outfit look like it is doing too much. Shirts with wide sleeves, or with a lot of fabric, take the focus away from the pants and don’t look good.

Adapt them to your body

Your body measurements and height are an influencing factor when it comes to wearing bell bottom jeans. For example, those that are called that are super wide at the bottom are best for women with thicker legs.

This variation is wide all the way from the hips, not just from the knees. So, they make your legs look smaller and your figure more proportioned.

On the other hand, the classic cut looks perfect on those with skinny legs. You can wear them tight from your thighs to your knees with confidence and you won’t have any problems. In fact, these pants look especially great on skinny, tall women.

For women who are shorter and stouter, we recommend bell bottom jeans without pockets. Pockets in the front and the back can create an unfavorable visual effect that fills you out more.

For that same reason, women with pronounced hips should avoid the patterned pants and stick with dark, unicolor ones to fit your figure.

Skinny jeans vs. bell bottoms

Skinny jeans vs. bell bottoms

Surely, at some point you tried to mend a pair of flare jeans to make them into skinny jeans. Maybe you even got rid of your favorite pair of them because they were no longer in style.

You’ll be happy to know that the reign of the skinny jeans has ended and that you can revive your hippy spirit. 

During the past few years, the flared jean trend has been eclipsed by skinny or straight jeans. In fact, anyone who still wore bell bottoms seemed old-fashioned.

Flare jeans were replaced little by little. As the years went on, the boot became tighter and tighter and everyone became accustomed to skinny jeans. The truth is that style works in cycles.
Trends come and go periodically. While skinny jeans are currently in everyone’s wardrobe, flare jeans will always have a special place in people’s hearts and are experiencing a comeback.

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