The 20 Best Sun-Proof Hanging Plants

If you are looking to decorate your balconies or exteriors with hanging plants, we will recommend the best ones; not only for their beauty, but also because they are resistant to the sun.
The 20 Best Sun-Proof Hanging Plants

Last update: 22 March, 2023

When spring comes, hanging plants give life to your home and become the most beautiful letter of presentation.

You should know that hanging plants are an excellent choice when you have balconies or windows and little space inside to put your pots. Read on to know the options we have for you.

The best and most beautiful hanging plants that you can have

While it is true that in hanging pots you could put the plants you want, it is best to opt for those that hang. This type of bushes have structures that are not erect and that start growing downwards. Precisely, this is what makes them so striking.

There are flowering and non-flowering plants, which are very popular among those who have the advantage of having balconies or windows with railings at home. On the other hand, you should also choose plants that are resistant to the sun, since being outside, they usually get direct sunlight.

If your plants are not resistant to these conditions, they will wither.

Now, without further ado, we leave you the list of the best sun-resistant hanging plants to decorate outdoors. Thus, choose the ones you like the most!

1. Hanging fern

Hanging ferns are one of the most classic plants for decor.

The hanging fern or Nephrolepis is a beautiful plant that attracts attention thanks to the particular shape of its leaves. These are very green, long and hanging.

They are resistant to sunlight, although not in direct sunlight. This means that you can put it in a balcony with semi-shade.

Its care is very basic. It is enough to provide the fern with a substrate rich in nutrients, as well as constant watering to maintain its humid environment, being a very good idea to spray its leaves from time to time.

2. Verbena

Verbenas are great hanging plants.

The verbena, whose scientific name is Verbena officinalis, has very beautiful flowers that reach their maximum splendor between spring and summer. It is a hanging plant that is widely used in natural decoration, especially in outdoor spaces, as it resists direct sunlight. It is also known for its medicinal properties.

Frequent watering is sufficient to care for this plant. You will notice that when it lacks water, its leaves look somewhat wilted, so it is convenient to regulate the water to avoid stress.

In the cold months, it is better to put it indoors.

3. Rosary plant

El rosario es una suculenta que crece en forma descendente.

The rosary plant or Senecio rowleyanus is a succulent. Therefore, its small leaves are fleshy.

What is striking about this plant is that its leaves are round and small, like the beads of a rosary. It is a hanging plant for semi-shade, but not for direct sun. The pot you choose should have good drainage.

4. Hanging plants: Petunias

Las petunias son una de las mejores plantas colgantes para dornar balcones.

The fourth of the best hanging plants we have for you is the hanging petunia (Petunia surfinia). The biggest attraction of this plant is its flowers and the vibrancy of its colors. You can find it in shades such as white, pink, purple and bicolor combinations.

In addition, it will bloom the same year you plant it. Spring is the flowering season, until late fall. These plants require a good amount of sunlight and frequent watering to grow healthy.

5. Hanging plants: Fuchsia

La fucsia es conocida como los zarzillos de la reina.

Fuchsia or Fuchsia hybrida is known as “queen’s earrings” or “queen’s tendrils” because of the shape of its flowers. It is one of the best hanging plants you could have.

It is in gardens as a shrubby species, but this does not mean that they cannot adapt to life in hanging pots. Also, it is very hardy, but it is recommended to have it in semi-shade.

The flowering season for fuchsia extends from summer to early fall.

6. House joys

Las impatiens dobles son flores que se parecen bastante a las rosas sencillas.

House joys or Impatiens walleriana are among the best hanging plants you can have on your balcony. They stand out for the beauty and simplicity of their flowers, common in colors such as white, pink, lilac or red. Their tones contrast in a very striking way with the intense green of their leaves.

Among their care are constant watering and a semi-shaded space so that their beautiful flowers do not burn.

7. Ribbon or spider plants

One of the many hanging plants you can have.

Love ribbon, also known as “bad mother”, is one of the most beautiful hanging plants that you can have at home, both indoors and outdoors. Its common name is due to the fact that its offspring grow from a few sticks that come out of its interior.

From these offspring, you can easily reproduce the plant to have more specimens at home. Also, take care of it by offering a well-drained substrate, semi-shaded areas, and moderate watering.

8. Hanging plants: Pink queen

La reina rosada es una de las mejores plantas colgantes que resisten al sol.

The pink queen is another of the best hanging plants that you can show off on your balcony. It is a herbaceous annual that grows fast, covering the pot it is in with its beautiful flowers, which come out as soon as spring begins.

You can also place it in semi-shade or direct sun. Of course, you will have to place it inside when the cold season starts, as it does not resist frost at all well.

Other hanging plants you can put on your balconies

Pothos is one of the easiest hanging plants to maintain.
Epipremnum aureum.

While the 8 hanging plants we mentioned are the most used, the options don’t end there. Thus, to distinguish your windows or balcony from the rest, you have these 12 more alternatives:

  1. Begonia dragon wing.
  2. Nemesia or Nemesia strumosa.
  3. Donkey tail or Sedum burrito.
  4. Nasturtium or Tropaeolum majus.
  5. Purpurea or Tradescantia pallida.
  6. Gitanilla or Pelargonium peltatum.
  7. Pothos or Epipremnum aureum.
  8. Calibrachoa or Calibrachoa x hybrida.
  9. Money plant or Plectranthus verticillatus.
  10. Hanging cactus or Rhipsalis cassutha.
  11. Herringbone cactus or Epiphyllum anguliger.
  12. Finally, Incense plant or Plectranthus coleoides “Marginatus”.

There are many hanging plants you can choose from. We also list the best ones, considering their adaptation to the outdoor environment. Thus, enjoy choosing those with which you will decorate your balconies or windows.

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