Star Baby and Rainbow Baby Mark a Different Motherhood

Both terms refer to different types of maternities that are quite hard, but that nevertheless help the mother to be stronger.
Star Baby and Rainbow Baby Mark a Different Motherhood

Last update: 12 May, 2022

Star baby and rainbow baby are terms that are framed in a different motherhood, because these mothers have lived sad and happy moments. For the loss of one baby and the arrival of another, to give light and color to her life.

One baby does not replace the other, they complement each other to create changes in the mother that will help her to grow stronger every day. The star baby and rainbow baby are new concepts, and the acceptance of these terms will transform and change their parents.

Star baby

The star baby is the one that forms inside the mother but can not reach maturity and is born without life. Life denied them subsistence, but they existed and were loved by their parents. In fact, they will always continue to shine like a shooting star in the sky, to be remembered by their loved ones.
These babies did not get to know the world, nor feel the hugs of their mother. However, they filled their mothers with love, which they will carry in their hearts throughout their lives. Star baby left and rainbow baby is coming.

Pregnant woman

On the other hand, there are many mothers who have the sad memory marked in their heart, of what they experienced when they received such sad news that their baby had no life while it was still in her womb.
When this pain begins, the reason is not known, there is only a wounded heart for the mother. After the days go by and the recovery begins, the pain becomes inspiration.
For this reason, the path of honoring the life that they grew for a few months is undertaken, observing in the sky the shooting star in which the baby became.
And so, the wounds inside are healed, little by little. Although they never fully recover, they learn to live and get ahead, because motherhood gives women the capacity to love infinitely.

Rainbow baby

The rainbow baby is the one that arrives after a miscarriage, fetal death, or neonatal death. It becomes a rainbow full of hopes for a wonderful event after a hard loss.
When the mother has the power to transform the pain into positive, the rainbow baby starts. The beginning of a new illusion and a new love. Without a doubt, the two will occupy an important place in their heart for life.

Star baby and rainbow baby, a different motherhood

The desire of women is to achieve a healthy pregnancy that can reach a successful end. However, a different type of motherhood exist.
It’s the one where the mother has two children, a star baby and rainbow baby. This motherhood is not chosen, it just happens in life. It is different because it changes conception schemes.

Woman holding her rainbow baby

In reality, pregnancy losses are a taboo subject and mothers who suffer from it are usually silent. As soon as the rainbow baby arrives in her life, it undoubtedly brings strength, which the mother needs at that moment to move forward.
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Questions present in the mothers of star babies and rainbow babies

When the mother becomes pregnant again after a loss, the anguish invades her and the questions, worries and fear begin.
Questions like: Will I have another star baby? Is my body ready to bring it into the world? Am I ready to be a mother again? When will the risks of miscarriage decrease? After a loss, the unknowns increase.
After the twelfth week, the risk of a miscarriage begins to decrease, and parents can relax and start enjoying the rainbow baby. This baby will help the mother of a star baby to find the strength and renew her hope.

Some factors that affect gestational losses



  • Knotted umbilical cord
  • Abrupt placenta (detachment)
  • Serious aging of the placenta
  • Premature membrane rupture


  • Prolonged pregnancy: when it exceeds 42 weeks
  • Chronic diseases of the mother
  • Preeclampsia and eclampsia
  • Infections during pregnancy

All these factors can be determined with proper control. However, you can not blame anyone, if you have to live a different motherhood.
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Finally, it is important to mention that currently, this type of motherhood is being recognized, but it has led many women to be silent, because humanity does not understand this feeling. I hope this article is a contribution to continue spreading the theme.

New mother and baby

In this way, it reaches all people who have a star baby , those who have not yet had children, or simply do not have a different motherhood, and they can understand those who live this type of motherhood.


When you ask a mother, “how many children do you have?”, and she answers two, but you only see one; It’s because she has a star baby in her heart.

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