Penis Rings: How to Use Them Correctly

Out of all the available sex toys, the penis ring is one of the most recommended. We show you how to use it to make your intimate encounters last longer.
Penis Rings: How to Use Them Correctly
Isbelia Esther Farías López

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Last update: 02 April, 2023

More and more couples are daring to experiment with their sex lives, in order to seek pleasure and have fun and satisfying experiences. For some, sex toys are an element to fuel passion in bed; for others, it’s a way to maintain it. For the more daring, they’re an added challenge. Penis rings are an erotic toy that has brought quite a few surprises and we’ll tell you all about it today.

Do you know what penis rings are?

Often called a cock ring, it’s a sex toy that helps to increase the blood flow in the male member. What it does is to retain the blood flowing to the penis to ensure a longer-lasting erection and longer intercourse. It doesn’t cut off the circulation to the penis, but it does slow down the flow.

That’s why this toy has become one of the most popular, especially for those who want to make the night last longer.

Penis ring.
A penis ring, also called a cock ring, slows the blood flow to the penis and makes the erection last longer.

How to put on the ring?

Putting on a penis ring can be very confusing, especially for those who have no experience using sex toys. Fortunately, the process is very simple, although it’s important to do it with the penis semi-erect or semi-hard.

You just need to hold the penis with one hand and slide the ring to the base, in front or behind the testicles. The user must make sure that he feels comfortable with the toy and that he doesn’t pinch or squeeze it excessively, so as not to interrupt the sex act.

Tips to use penis rings safely

Although the penis ring is very easy to use, it’s important to be aware of certain tips, especially when you use it for the first time. If you follow these steps, you’ll both enjoy amazing, long-lasting sex.

1. Time of use

It’s advisable not to exceed 30 minutes of continuous use. Remember that you’re slowing down the blood circulation, even though it isn’t completely cut off.

2. Always on top of the condom

If you use a condom, put the condom on first and the penis ring on top. You may think this is obvious, but there has been some confusion about this step.

3. One or two, whichever feels best to you

Those who choose to use only one can place the ring at the base of the penis, in front of or behind the scrotum. When the choice is to experiment with two, one will go in each place.

The important thing is to feel comfortable and live this adventure in a natural way. It is an experience that both partners will enjoy, so relax.

4. Better with lubricants

In order to avoid injury or discomfort, it’s recommended to accompany it with water-based lubricants. It can be lubricated twice: when inserting and when removing.

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5. Remove at the right time

There are two keys for you to know when to remove the penis ring. One has to do with the length of time it’s worn and shouldn’t be exceeded. Another is directly related to ejaculation, it’s always recommended to remove the ring before reaching climax.

How to choose the ideal penis ring

Penis rings.
There are many different types of penis rings and you can experiment until you find the ideal one for you.

On the market you’ll find a wide variety of penis rings, so you may have many questions about which one to choose. You need to buy the right size, one that doesn’t squeeze, as this could cause injury. Because of this, you need to know how long your erect penis is.

If you haven’t had time to measure and you’re wanting to buy one, then it’s advisable to choose a model made of more elastic materials. They can be made of silicone, rubber, or a jelly-type material, which adapt easily. In these cases, you can continue to use them until the silicone begins to deteriorate.

Some rings are vibrators at the same time. They have the same function in men, but provide an extra benefit to women, as they stimulate the clitoris. You can even find them with a spare battery so that you can use them more than once.

False beliefs about penis rings

As in almost all topics related to sexuality, there are myths about the use of penis rings.

  • They are for older people. Not true. These toys can be used by men of all ages.
  • They increase the size of the penis. This is another erroneous belief. What really happens is that, as circulation decreases, it takes on a thicker appearance.

Extra considerations for the use of these rings

Men who have circulation or heart problems should not experiment with these sex toys. It isn’t recommended to expose the body to an external factor that modifies its functioning. Whatever the case, it’s best to consult a doctor about their use.

In addition, the penis ring shouldn’t be used when taking pills to maintain an erection. The combination of both elements can have counterproductive effects, causing a long-lasting and painful erection.

Similarly, it should not be used when ingesting recreational drugs. The side effects of these, such as increased blood pressure and heart rate, are not compatible with these sex toys for men. People with diabetes should consult a specialist about its possible use.

A safe and satisfying sex toy

As you can see, the penis ring is a safe toy that is easy to use and guarantees sexual satisfaction for you and your partner when used correctly. By following the tips mentioned in this article you will have nothing to worry about, so go ahead and try this intrepid sex toy.

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