Peegasm: A Harmful Orgasm

August 30, 2019
There are many ways to experience sexual pleasure, but peegasm, the latest in orgasm fads, is one of the strangest. Not only that but it's also bad for your health.

Peegasm is a new and dangerous form of female orgasm.

You may have never heard the term, or perhaps you know it already. In any case, it’s important to know more about this bizarre trend. Essentially, it involves enduring the urge to urinate as much as possible in order to reach an orgasm.

This trend went viral recently in social networks. It all started when a user of the Reddit social network talked about it. The answers were swift and many women confirmed it. Others went farther and explained they were relieved to know they’re not alone. On the other hand, others think it’s an uncomfortable and painful experience.

Some men also responded, although only a minority claimed to feel pleasure.

Peegasm, the Strange Orgasm

A happy looking woman.
For many women, delaying urination can lead to sexual arousal and subsequent orgasm.

Peegasm is not an abnormal reaction of the body, according to Patricia Geraghty, a specialist in women’s health. “When the kidneys get too full they put pressure on all the organs around them, and that includes the clitoris. When women urinate, they eliminate pressure and it leads to a reaction that’s similar to a sexual orgasm.”

Other theories suggest that all muscles around the urethra tense up in order to prevent the urine from exiting. So, you feel a sense of relief that may be more intense after you relax them because the urethra is also an erogenous zone.

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What are the Dangers of a Peegasm?

Even though this isn’t necessarily considered a dysfunction, it doesn’t mean it’s safe or healthy.

On the contrary, it poses many and frequent risks to those who practice it, be it intentionally or accidentally.

Let’s take a look at some of them.

Kidney Infections

A diagram of the kidneys, where peegasm is affected
Concentrated urine leads to a high risk of infections in the urinary tract.

When urine is held back, the natural sterilization that occurs in the urinary tract stops. Therefore, the bacteria that can harm the kidneys remains and it leads to kidney infections. It could also infect the urinary tract.

Urinary Incontinence, Prostate Swelling, and Injuries to the Bladder and the Urethra

Other possible infections caused by peegasms include urinary incontinence, prostate swelling, and bladder and urethral injuries.

The renal muscles stretch more than normal when filled with excess fluid. When this occurs frequently, then they lose their strength. They remain stretched without contracting enough to regulate the urine stream.

Also, the pressure exerted on the nerves along the urethra and the bladder can alter their function and make them more sensitive. When this occurs, they react to any stimulus, regardless of how small it may be. This leads to a constant urge to urinate. However, it’s only the feeling, because urine may not actually come out when you use the bathroom.

In the case of men, kidney and urinary tract infections can cause chronic swelling and inflammation of the prostate gland.

However rare, excess pressure can even tear the bladder and the urethra. This, in turn, leads to leakage of urine into the abdomen and could cause an infection. The risk is even greater if a person who’s holding back receives a blow or if they make a sudden movement.

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Safer Ways to Enjoy Sex

A shot of a woman's panties.
You can masturbate in many different ways.

People who enjoy a peegasm orgasm do so because the pressure is most likely stimulating the most sensitive nerves in their sexual organs. This may be because those nerves arent’s properly aroused during their sex life.

There are many other healthier ways to stimulate those nerves via sexual stimulation.

  • Try masturbating while exploring the different areas of your genitals.
  • You can also look for external stimuli. Be it physical or visual or even auditive. Sounds may lead to excitement and therefore greater sensitivity in your nerves.

If you’ve tried other methods and can’t get satisfaction, then perhaps you should consult a doctor or a sexologist. They may be able to help you find safer solutions to your arousal needs.

If you can have “normal” orgasms either by interacting with your lover or through masturbation and you think you should try peegasms just for fun or curiosity, think again. Don’t put your health at risk. Find other ways to arouse yourself.

Sex is supposed to be fun, not harmful.