Naturally Eliminate Mildew from Your Washing Machine

To naturally eliminate mildew from your washing machine, apply this homemade solution once every two weeks and thoroughly dry the rubber seal.
Naturally Eliminate Mildew from Your Washing Machine

Last update: 26 May, 2022

A washing machine is an essential appliance in modern homes, more so in some than others. A demanding career, responsibilities at home, children, work, and family all compete for your time, which a washing machine helps save. Learn how to naturally eliminate mildew that builds up inside your washing machine.

Washing machines are used so often that the passing of the years can really wreak havoc on the internal components and the rubber seal usually accumulates mildew.

What is Mildew?

Very green fungus inside washing machine humidity naturally eliminate mildew

Mildew is a type of fungus that can be found in dark, moist environments. Moreover, there are several different kinds and they’re often invisible to the naked eye. Despite thriving in a humid environment, the fungus can survive extreme dryness, though it won’t be able to reproduce.

This dear friend grows and accumulates inside your washing machine. The only good thing about it is that it won’t affect the appearance of your clothes.

However, clothing left inside has a pretty high chance of contracting the fungus, which causes that annoying smell and even infections.

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How does mold form in the washing machine?

We’ve already gone over what mildew is and how you can deal with it on a general level. Mildew grows in the washing machine thanks to water and detergent.

The mixture of these two, plus the extra humidity in the appliance, creates the perfect environment for the fungus to grow.

It’s usually dark green and thick. Consequently, it’s easy to see.

Naturally Eliminate Mildew without Harsh Chemicals

Household cleaning means having a lot of cleaning products on hand. Additionally, these products are well known for their harsh chemicals, as well as their extraordinary price tags.

These products can negatively affect your life in several ways. Their chemical contents can cause various physical ailments, on top of damaging the washing machine.

Their high prices affect the economy. While nobody likes a Scrooge, there are other options out there that are better for the environment and your wallet.

A Natural Alternative

If you’re looking for different ways to clean your home, don’t ignore natural alternatives.

They’re much better than the commercial products in virtually every way. They are usually cheaper, more effective and much less harmful to your health.

Clean your washing machine inside and out to and completely and naturally eliminate mildew. To do this, use the following all-natural alternative:



Person touching the buttons on a modern washing machine naturally eliminate mildew
  • Mix the ingredients in a bucket and pour the resulting solution into a spray bottle.
  • Shake well (first, make sure the top is on tight).
  • Wear gloves and a face mask to avoid inhaling the mildew spores and the unpleasant smell.
  • Spray all surfaces that have mildew, no matter how little. Keep in mind you may not see it.
  • Let work for a few minutes, then wipe clean with a damp cloth or rag.
  • Pour some of the mixture into the detergent slot and set it on a washing cycle with hot water for a deep clean.

How do I Prevent Mildew in my Washing Machine?

Water flowing inside a clean washing machine naturally eliminate mildew

This may be the first time many of you have ever cleaned the inside of your washing machines to remove mildew.

Ideally, you should focus your efforts on preventing it from appearing in the first place and thus prevent bad odors and infections.

Here are a few tips to prevent mildew from forming:

  • Leave the washing machine lid open after use.
  • Remove wet clothing to prevent moisture from building up.
  • Dry the seal.
  • Finally, apply the natural solution we taught you how to make in this article once every two weeks.

If you follow these steps, you will avoid getting infections and having your clothes smell like mildew. Use this simple solution to naturally eliminate mildew and even prevent it from growing in the first place.

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