My Child Doesn't Listen to Me

Many children ignore their parents when they're talking to them. Don't worry! In this article, we'll teach you how to make your child follow orders and listen to you.
My Child Doesn't Listen to Me

Last update: 26 May, 2022

Many mothers say that their children don’t listen to them. These mothers have tried everything to communicate effectively with their child and have failed doing so. However, this isn’t the end of the world.

You can have a good communication with your child, but you must analyze the way you communicate to determine what you’re doing wrong and make adjustments in areas that need improvement. Therefore, your child will not only listen to you, but you will listen to them as well.

It’s completely normal for children to not want to listen to others, especially when they’re small. This is due to many factors. First of all, your child may be very focused on their activities and not be paying attention to you. When this happens, the best thing you can do is approach them and ask them nicely if they can give you a few minutes of their time.

This can certainly make a difference on your communication with your child. Remember, you are the one who sets examples for your child. Therefore, if they speak to you and you don’t listen, or if your child’s constantly begging for your attention, something’s wrong. If you don’t listen to them, don’t expect them to listen to you. The first thing to do is to strengthen the communication and set an example.

The importance of communication as a parent

Continue reading this article if you’re tired of saying: “My child doesn’t listen to me”. Communication is the foundation of all relationships. It’s extremely important to maintain a good communication with your child. Surely you’ve wondered why your child doesn’t tell you about their problems. So you set a good example to your child by telling him/her about your problems so they tell you about theirs.

child ignoring her mother

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If you create an atmosphere of trust in which all family members can talk about their day, you’ll strengthen communication. If you make this a habit from an early age, it’ll be natural for the child once they reach adolescence.
Staying connected with your child greatly improves the family relationship. There are many aspects that make relationships flow normally, but being connected with them is important.

My child doesn’t listen to me, what am I doing wrong?

The problem is that you generally express your ideas just as your parents did. However, your child belongs to another generation, with different habits and customs. This means that they get messages differently. Your child listen skills will depend on two key factors: how you deliver the message and how your child gets it.

It’s not difficult to get your child to pay attention to you. However, keep in mind that this doesn’t happen overnight. Patience and perseverance are key in this process.

  1. My child doesn’t pay attention to me

Even though you might think your child is apathetic, you must understand that the reasons why your child isn’t listening to you aren’t always the same. Sometimes, you give them an order and they hear it, but pretend that they didn’t. This is an act of disobedience.

child covering her ears to ignore her mother

However, in other cases, they may be concentrated in their favorite activity and their attention may be focused on something else. First of all, you should identify the reason why they aren’t paying attention and act accordingly.

  1. My child doesn’t listen to me, even when I repeat things

You should know and understand that nothing is more annoying to a child than a repetitive order. The child won’t be motivated because they’ve heard the same thing too many times. On the contrary, new things always surprise them.

If you are innovative and creative, then you’ll have a new opportunity to get your message across. Change the content, words, and how you express yourself. This way, you won’t bore your child and they’ll obey more easily.

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  1. My child doesn’t listen to me when I yell at them

Screaming is a synonym of desperation and a lack of patience. Children are very clever and, when they see this reaction, they easily understand that they’ve driven you nuts. As a parent, the worst thing you can do in these situations is lose your cool.

child taunting her mother

When you scream, you let your child know you’re upset. This isn’t the message you want to convey to your child. Although you’re upset, you should let them know about what they did wrong and how both of you can make things better.

  1. My child gets mad whenever I say anything to them

You must learn to communicate. Identify words that your child likes. You should know how to say certain things to generate a positive effect on your child. However, emotional communication has its limits. Don’t be one of those parents who talks to their child like they’re a baby. Your child is growing every day and must take on responsibilities.


You won’t say “My child doesn’t listen to me” ever again. Making your child listen and pay attention to you isn’t complicated. You must understand that the way you raise them now will influence their entire lives. If you teach them to listen and communicate effectively, you’ll probably have an amazing relationship with your child. Remember, that you must also listen to them.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.