Moisturize Your Dry Heels with These Incredible Home Remedies

Moisturize Your Dry Heels with These Incredible Home Remedies

Last update: 15 December, 2022

Although we neglect them all the time, our feet do need some attention and a lot of moisturizing, especially if you don’t want dry heels.

Dry heels can make pretty feet unsightly. If you have them, then you probably hate taking off your shoes or wearing sandals because your feet look all cracked and neglected.

However, for many people moisturizer doesn’t fix it. So read on and learn about 9 natural, homemade remedies and recommendations to moisturize your dry heels and make them soft and beautiful again.

9 home remedies for dry heels

To fix dry heels, you’ll need to be consistent in whatever solution you choose. For most people, moisturizer alone is not enough. Pamper your feet with these effective exfoliating, moisturizing and nourishing treatments. We’ll also highlight why other factors like your diet and gait are important.

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1. Hot water with baking soda

Hot water and baking soda for dry heels.

You can use this remedy for dry heels twice a week. All you have to do is prepare a foot bath with hot water and baking soda, and let yourself relax.

  • Soak your feet for 20 to 30 minutes. The skin will soften and make it easier to later exfoliate and moisturize.

2. Exfoliation with sea salt and olive oil

After the foot bath, or any other time, you can exfoliate your feet by mixing equal amounts of coarse sea salt and olive oil. The mixture is simple and effective.

  • Massage your feet well, especially your heels, for 5 minutes per foot.
  • Sea salt is a powerful natural exfoliant, great at removing dead skin cells. The olive oil, on the other hand, will nourish the skin deep down.

3. Shea butter and sweetbriar rose foot mask

Shea butter and rose

We recommend using this foot mask once a week and leaving it on for 30 minutes. To soften the dry, hard skin on your heels, we recommend using very nutritious ingredients, like shea butter and sweetbriar rose oil.

  • The shea butter will provide your skin with nutrition and elasticity, while the sweetbriar rose supports cellular regeneration.
  • Together they are perfect for very dry skin.

4. Green clay and yogurt mask

If your feet aren’t too badly cracked, you could opt for a green clay and yogurt mask. Although clay tends to dry out the skin, mixing it with yogurt actually makes it an excellent moisturizer. Plus, the clay makes it an exfoliant as well.

5. Almond oil and honey

Almond oil.

This remedy is effective at softening dry heels and protecting them. The combination of almond oil and honey is perfect if you want soft heels. All you have to do is apply it once a week for 30 minutes.

6. Wear the right shoes

Certain kinds of shoes dry out your heels and encourage the formation of callouses. This is usually the case with very hard or rigid shoes, or shoes made of certain materials.

You should feel comfortable in your shoes. If you don’t, then you get insoles that adapt to the shape of your feet and are breathable. You’ll feel the difference.

7. Walk correctly


Putting too much weight on your heels can also contribute to this problem. Learning to stand and walk correctly will keep your heels healthier and improve your posture.

  • When you’re on your feet, make sure to be putting your weight on the middle part of your feet, not on the toes or heels.
  • When you walk, make an effort to do it properly. It will be difficult at first, but with a bit of patience you’ll be able to do it more naturally.

8. Hydrate from the inside

How can we hydrate ourselves from the inside? By feeding our body nutritious foods. Make sure you take in a good amount of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids every day by eating foods like:

9. Drink water


This last remedy is the most important. Drinking water throughout the day, apart from meals, is such a good habit to get into for tackling all kinds of health issues from the inside out.

If you want to prevent dry skin, you need to give your body water. By combining good hydration from the inside and deeply penetrating moisturizers from the outside, you’ll be able to put an end to dry heels.

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