Do You Love Your Partner More than They Love You?

Have you ever thought you loved your partner more than they loved you? How did it feel? It's a normal situation that you really shouldn't worry about. In the end, if you're together and happy, why worry and create a problem out of your own insecurity?
Do You Love Your Partner More than They Love You?

Last update: 27 May, 2022

At times, it’s common to feel like you’re giving the best out of yourself in a relationship and the other person isn’t. That maybe you love your partner more than they love you.

How good is an “I love you much more than you love me”? Love should be balanced. But as you probably know, it’s not always like that.

Is it really bad to love your partner more?

The person who loves more risks getting hurt. If this is you, you’ll become conscious of the fact that your affection isn’t being returned to the same degree. This hurts and will make you reconsider your relationship.

It’s normal to hear a couple joke with each other and say things like “I love you more,” and “No, I love YOU more.” When does this kidding around become a reality?

It might seem like a small issue, but it’s easy to feel offended if you really do love your partner more.

Unfortunately, this is a reality we have to accept. In the end, since when are things always equal in relationships?

I love you more and this makes me doubt myself

Some people consider themselves lucky to be the one who loves their partner more and for giving their all.

However, maybe the competitiveness that surrounds other parts of your life has invaded this one, too. The point is that it’s not a competition.

Usually what happens is that you start questioning the love your partner professes. If you obsess over it too much, you may start to see signs of a “lack of love” in things that are just your imagination.

It’s important, then, to not obsess. Accepting the situation will help you to accept your partner, too. Remember that you love your partner for both their perfections and imperfections. Both of those things are a part of them.

If this is hard for you, think about your relationship from another point of view. Think about past relationships you’ve had, or those that could’ve happened. Do you think you’ll always be the one giving more?

You surely realize the answer to that question is no. Each relationship is different and unique.

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Communicate what you’re feeling

Woman kissing her partner

If you’re not feeling great about this “I love you much more than you love me,” it’s a good idea for you to communicate it.

The other person probably doesn’t know how you feel or how you view the situation and can help you see things in another light.

Keeping it to yourself can undermine your relationship. You may feel upset because you’re not receiving the same love or because you are realizing it’s not fair… But actually, where you’re going wrong is in the communication area.

Expressing your feelings out loud will let you realize that you may be overreacting.

The longer you hold in what you need to say, the more you’ll worry and the bigger your insecurities will be.

Also think about the fact that if you’re able to communicate something as deep as this to your partner, they may receive it with generosity and work on giving everything they can so that you don’t doubt their love.

However, it’s better to not count on this response. It may not end up like that, but know that communication is key in any relationship.

Be careful with space

Woman breathing deeply

Space is very important. You may harbor the false belief that “‘I love you’ means possessing you,” “I love you means to consume you,”,or “I love you means we do everything together.”

This can wear down and eventually destroy a relationship.

Since you think you’re the one that loves more, you probably want to be with your partner all the time. That way, you’ll be ready for all those “tests of love” that can remove your doubt.

But what you get may be the opposite of what you want. Your partner will get distant and feel overwhelmed, look for his or her own space, and these “tests” won’t be passed like you hoped.

Are you still wondering why they haven’t called? Why do you think they’re dodging you? Be careful or you’ll become dependent or controlling. Everyone needs their own space to breathe.

Have you ever thought you loved your partner more than they loved you? How did it feel? It’s a normal situation that you really shouldn’t worry about. In the end, if you’re together and happy, why worry and create a problem out of your own insecurity?

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