Foods that Help Prevent Cancer

· September 22, 2014

Today, cancer has become one of the diseases with the highest mortality rate in the whole world, once found in an advanced state in the human body; it is caused basically by a group of cells that develop uncontrollably and that multiply autonomously, thereby beginning to invade other tissues (locally and from a distance).

This is a disease that requires a lot of care, a lot of attention, and most of all, correct prevention.  That is why today, we will tell you how to help prevent it with different foods that can be incorporated into your daily diet.


Fruit like blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and other berries can help effectively prevent cancer.  The beautiful and remarkable colors that these fruits have are the product of the phytochemicals they contain, and which protect our bodies from tumors.

Acai berries have a powerful active ingredient that destroys carcinogenic cells, blueberries fight carcinogenic cells in the liver, and bitter blueberries fight ovarian cancer.

Green tea

Green tea has not only the ability to help lose weight, but is also greatly helpful in preventing cancer.  In it, you can find substances called catechins, which destroy carcinogenic cells.

Various studies performed have shown the effectiveness of this product, especially in breast cancer.  Thanks to a component known as EGCG, it can stop the growth of cancer cells.





Garlic has been the subject of studies for several years, and it has been proven to have a large amount of properties and benefits; one of its greatest and most important properties, is the ability it has to prevent all types of cancer, especially stomach, breast, and prostate cancer.

How you eat it has nothing to do with its effectiveness, it can be raw or cooked, and produces the equally desired effect.  Garlic contains two ingredients that can prevent cancer in both humans and animals.

To obtain all of its benefits at maximum strength, experts recommend peeling it and waiting at least 15 minutes before cutting and adding it to foods.

Onion and leeks

These two dietary products have the same components as garlic, and therefore, contain the same benefits; likewise, they can be eaten both raw or cooked, the important thing is that you eat them frequently.


Tomatoes contain an ingredient known as lycopene, which helps very effectively to reduce the risk of suffering from different types of cancer, especially colon, lung, breast, and prostate cancer.

When they are eaten raw in a salad, you can obtain their great benefits, but if added to foods that are cooked daily, lycopene’s effects are multiplied in our bodies.  Take advantage of this to make delicious tomato sauces and soups for the whole family!


Remember that a healthy diet is the best way to look and feel healthy, as well as for preventing a lot of diseases.  If you are well nourished and eat the necessary foods for your immune system, it will always be strong and ready to fight different diseases that attack the body.