Do these 5 Exercises to Get Bigger Glutes Quickly

October 12, 2017
The most important aspect of this routine is to be consistent as well as to have a balanced diet. This is the best way to get bigger glutes quickly. 

As women, we long for a slim figure with defined curves.

One of the areas that we worry most about is our glutes and the cellulite that forms around them and our legs.

In general, most women want well-toned, full glutes. However, this can turn out to be a very difficult job.

It’s important to know that, as with all exercise, we should have a balanced diet.

Avoid saturated fats and anything that helps the formation of cellulite and fat in the glutes. This is the best way to compliment your exercises.

Let’s take a look at them!

How do you exercise your glutes correctly?

lunges with dumbbells to get bigger glutes quickly

Your glutes aren’t just one muscle. In fact, they’re composed of three muscles. Therefore, you should choose an exercise that works one at a time. We’ll explain more.

The glutes are divided into 3 musclesthe gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus.

  • The largest muscle of the three is called the gluteus maximus.
  • The gluteus medius is above the gluteus maximus.
  • The gluteus minimus is found below, at the very bottom of the gluteus maximus. It’s in charge of giving the round form of the glutes.

Doing random exercises does not assure that you’re exercising all 3 muscles. Because of this, it is fundamental to work all three of these muscles during your exercise routine. This way, you will obtain the fastest results.

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Exercises to get bigger glutes quickly


squats with a weight


This is the exercise which is most known for getting bigger glutes quickly. There are infinite ways to do effective squats.

What we recommend is that you do squats without weights . Then, little by little, add them to exert more pressure on the muscles.

  • The correct manner to do a squat is to stand up straight, preferable with legs spread far apart.
  • Bend the knees without extending over the ends of the toes, while you extend your hips slightly towards the back.
  • Lower yourself as far as possible and come back up.
  • The best way is to repeat this movement 10 times and to do 5 reps.

If you feel that you’re exerting too much force on your legs, spread your legs farther apart. This will allow the glutes to do more work.

2. Sumo squats

sumo squats

This exercise is perfect to tone the interior muscles of the glutes.

You can do this with weights on both sides, with a dumbbell, with one weight, or a weight located directly between your separated legs.

  • Stand up straight and spread your legs.
  • Bend your knees until they’re horizontal. Then, with the help of the weight, lower yourself.
  • Ideally, you should feel pressure in the glutes when you lower yourself, which is which we are aiming for.
  • Do this 10 times for 5 reps.

3. Squats with a jump

This is a variation of the squat.

  • Bend your knees as you would for a normal squat.
  • Then, instead of standing straight up, you jump up in the air.
  • Finally, rest for 10 seconds.
  • Continue these this type of squats for 5 minutes.

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4.  Strides

This exercise is one of the most effective to help you get bigger glutes quickly.

  • Standing up straight, take a step, stretching your leg in front of you.
  • Next, use a weight or a dumbbell and hold it in your arms.
  • Bend your knees and get up again without changing your position.
  • Lastly, do 5 times each leg and then 10 reps.

5.  Leg raises

leg lifts

This is excellent to work the lower part of the glutes. Similarly to the other exercises, you can do this with or without weights. However, it’s recommendable to use ankle weights.

  • Starting on your hands and knees, raise one leg toward the ceiling, making sure your leg is bent.
  • Maintain this posture for a few seconds and then let go.
  • Then, repeat with the other leg.
  • Do these in series 5 for 10 or 15 reps.

It’s important that when you come back to the starting position, you contract your glutes. This is what makes the exercise effective.

Now that you have the 5 best exercises to get bigger glutes quickly, give them a try!

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